Career profile stats not updating in overwatch 2

Has anyone else had this issue?

My hero statistics are not updating in career profile of overwatch 2 on ps5. When I play as a new character it only records data for the first match but that’s it. For example, I have played as ash for at least 20 matches. But it only says I have played one match. I’ve noticed it with all characters I’ve played with. Even the characters i had stats with from overwatch 1 are not accumulating. I put in a lot of hours yesterday and my total hours have not increased at all.


Same problem with me. My time played is decreasing when I play a match and it only updates in career for the match I just played


i have the same problem, i had 273 time played and now I have 235 hrs and my top 3 heroes hours are different


I have the same problem…hope they will fix it. I llayed like 60 Matches and jsut the first counts in my careere…


Same here. PS5. Many many games not showing.


Heyy, I have similar issues:
My playtime aswell as other stats like elims, games played, won and lost jumped up signifinicantly.

This happend with all of the ow1 heros after i logged them in (in a round of qp). In total my account gained ~400hrs playtime.

However the playtime of the 3 new Ow2 heros (correctly went up after my first round with them) decreased to the point at which junkerqueen had <1 min. playtime with a winrate of 1530%. After that it went up to 5min and now down to 3. Kiriko went from 0 to 11min and now down to 5.

Additional Information:
I am on Ps4, confirmt merge but didn’t have a Pc/xbox/switch account, I played Ow1.

Aswell as everybody else I hope that our accounts are fine and that whatever is happening to them can and will be fixed. Sooooooooo hyped for OW2!!


I have the same problem nothing records hopefully it’s fixed soon also lost everything my account never merged so that happened as well unfortunately…


Yaaass, i wish you mich fun and luck too. But i dont know what to do. Iam on ps4 too.

I played like 80 games now but nothinf happens in my career…also i ended up diamond in ow1. Then won 7 ranked games and just loose 1, i got ranked up in bronze 5… wtf sry bad english.


I have the same issue i had over 160 hours and its gone down to 120 ive lost 8 hours on zenyatta and lot of othwr heros


Got this exact problem. And i think getting placed in bronze 5 is because the stats are not beeing updated in the current comp season sats. So you cant lvl up. Hate it so much i quit playing comp for now because even though i won 21 out of 25 matches no stats, no lvl up still in bronze 5…


Samething for me I’ve played the new for a bunch of hours and it doesn’t show that. It hasn’t even updated my progress on even the wins or competitive. Competitive is just blank for me


Yes I’ve won like 15 games now and it says I’ve only played 4. I knew something was weird when I was placed bronze 1 even tho I played some of my best games in a while during those placements.


Having same issue here - Xbox series s.


I have put 22 hours into Mercy and played her all across every game mode sense overwatch one then last night after me and my friends did a unranked match it reset her to only 3 hours. I also had 15 hours as widowmaker now I have 13. Reaper I had 5 hours now he is 2 and DVA was like 2-4 hours now she is 26 minutes. So all my hours played are wrong, and all my other stats. Please fix this.


Same problem on Nintendo switch the stats are just random, is not counting the games


I never played overwatch one so I started fresh on overwatch 2. My playtime has locked at 3hrs and my games played are only 29 but I’ve had about 30+hrs and couple hundred games approx so because I started new and it’s locked at 3hrs I can’t unlock any more of the characters. Been like that for 2 days now.


Same here, I feel like it’s showing others career profile instead of your own.


Same. I checked my Xbox account for Overwatch - I merged this account too. Had 2,350 hours on there, now in Overwatch 2 career profile I have only 1,300 hours… Smh I hope they fix it. I didnt no life Overwatch on Xbox back in the day for nothing XD


Same here. But for me the career profile is not updating and got like extra 300+ hours of play in 2 days :skull:.
For the rank I was diamond on OW1 and got silver 1 and it says 0 hours of playing and 0 wins in competitive stats.
Every game I play I get like 2 hours of play of total time playing and 0 hours in competitive stats and getting bad ranks.
I’m on ps5 BTW.


i have the same problem but in my battle net account and ps5