Career Profile not updating

Okay so ever since the launch my career Profile hours, wins, and pretty much everything is not up to date . But at first it wasn’t like that but than it slowly change my Time Played Hrs ,wins, and pretty much everything in statistics and overview . It still shows my old rank from ow1 but it doesn’t add up with my Time played . And everytime or every now and than my Time played Hrs keeps going down . Also I know a few friends of my are having the same issue too. My old states are gone. Please fix this


Having the same issue. Here are a couple of different threads.

Linking together.

Career profile no updating any progress since launch

Profile Stats Not Updating For Ranked/Competitive


i’ll add mine here too they need to fix this

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i’ll keep adding threads i find on here. don’t mean to spam but i wanna draw as much attention to this issue until they get it fixed


I agree. I guess Blizzard hasn’t acknowledged it yet. At least if they were to do that then we could some sort of peace of mind.


Not only is mine not updating, mine is actually making me lose playtime and stats.


Well that’s not right. Hope there is a fix soon.


One day they will fix it

When? It’s been more than a month and they aren’t even acknowledging this issue

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Me too, have posted multiple times about it. No response of Blizzard. Hoping the update on the 15th will finally fix this.

I’ve been keeping track of similar threads here:

There are a lot of threads and Blizzard have yet to even acknowledge it’s a problem…

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They haven’t even acknowledged it’s a problem so I wouldn’t go hoping that they’re going to fix it in the next update.

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whats the point of these forums if devs don’t even acknowledge the posts ? its quite sad and feels oppressing tbh, since OW only cares about twitch streamers and boosting their numbers. unless they face such issue no one will look at it


Well I will still hope. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I do miss looking at the stats though after a few comp matches. It was useful. I miss seeing my old stats from all the old seasons of OW1. Kinda sad they didn’t transfer in that data from the OW1 Engine. It’s the little things you know.

Similar issue, missing 179+ hours of Makes me wonder what other career stats are missing.

I would have at least 10 more hours on rein if the stats updated

Still missing over 400 hours of playtime. Still nothing has been fixed.

Yeah this is annoying now. My stats haven’t changed since launch, and I know for a fact what stats I “migrated” were not mine, as it gave me 100s of hours on characters I know for a fact I barely touched in OW1.