Capture the Flag


the lunar new year is expected to arrive late January, as speculated by none other than me.
the actual Chinese new year is February 5th due to the phases of the moon.
events usually come before the actual event. for example Christmas and Halloween.
we might even see CTF come back after this event.


It’s too bad they don’t post an in-game calendar of events like they do in Warcraft for example. Hell, throw in some double XP or special event days while they’re at it. Give us reasons to log in as a community and do more than yell at each other for not playing up to each other’s standards.


I really don’t know what events have to do with CTF. Your logic still doesn’t explain it, there are plenty of other arcade games on repeat that don’t even have the new years decorations (if that’s what they were pushing for). Also in the past during other events, CTF was always on rotation.

+1 to this thread, I want to see more CTF. Tired of different mystery variations.


They need to take out Low Grav, because that belongs in Custom Games, and up the CTF rotation.


I don’t think I’ve ever played low grav, it just sounds like an annoying perk.


There is actually in game calendar post made by community you can check it out too see what game mode in overwatch


Is it really a calendar when it only shows the day of? I’d like to know upcoming days so I know when to log in, you know?


I dunno but i think arcade rotation is random, you can ask people in that post.


I can’t get enough of it when it’s rotation.
It’s my time to have fun and act silly!


I would also like to see more CTF. It’s my favourite mode.

That’s true. We can only check what’s currently available when the daily mode changes, and post that.

You’re right. It’s not calendar. This is, however, the best we currently have. I too would like to know modes in advance instead of running the arcade thread.


I’ve never seen it XD it’s very sad now that i think about it…


Its so old video, you cant charge with flag anymore, no more fun.


Capture the flag is easily the worst mode.


You and I cannot be friends. Shoo!


Mayby not the worse, but one that somehow doont feel so appeling to many people.
Mayby its size of maps, or lack or good balance, who knows, but for some reason for me it was fun at start, and then when people get some stale comps there, and changes comes, it become boring game of waiting who gona break draw and get this flag (if one team dont stomp other)
First match of capture the flag at start was the best one.



i thought ctf was disabled due to a bug


I mean, let’s be honest here, a CTF game mode isn’t really a very exciting game mode for a special event like Lunar New Year to begin with. They should come up with something more unique and put CTF into arcade all year around. It is a standard game mode in the FPS genre afte all.


That was like half a year ago. I find it sad that CTF is so rarely available that people still haven’t necessarily realized that bug is already fixed… :worried:


they have to fix CTF first… OW maps are way to small for 2 flags, they have to put ONE flag in the centre of the map to force people to engage and zerg the enemy down to catch the flag… 90% of my CTF games were like “lets camp at our flag” and they all end in a draw… not that fun but more fun than losing by trying to get enemy flag when the enemy defends with 6 people.