Capped at 199/200fps for no reason?


Hi, i am using a high powered rig and my GPU’s are maximum at 60% usage while playing overwatch. But they are stuck at 200fps. I have it set so the maximum is 300, but for some reason its as if in game, 200fps is the hard limit.

  • Here is all the information on what im running.

All graphics settings maximum
3440x1440 (Set to 16:9 so effectivly 2560x1440)
Vsync off
Triple buffering off
Reduce buffering off
Framerate limit 300

i7 7700k 5.12ghz
16gb 3200mhz 16/18/18/36 Ram
2x GTX 1070 ti’s
3440x1440 100hz monitor.

Nothing overheats, nothing is ever at 100% usage. I’m very confused.

Also i realise people will say that 200fps is more than enough for a 100hz monitor, but as i can feel in other games, the reduced latency of 300+ DOES feel better, ergo i want to hit 300.

Anyone know whats going on?


Be sure to check settings in the NVidia control panel as well. For detailed steps check out my guide here:


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