Cant start overwatch?

Ok so i can install the game and lauch it but it just turns into a black screen and then exits.

ive tried to reinstall it and that didnt work at all.



SAME!!! exact same issue, i have restarted my computer. i have also run the scan and repair but nothing is loading the game.

Isn’t there a maintenance?

today is monday, its scheduled for tomorrow.

Glad im not the only one that is having the same issue. Hopefully it gets fixed in the upcomming maintenance :slight_smile:

Found the problem. My friend had the same issue a long time ago and he uninstalled razer synapse. I did it aswell and now overwatch works without any problems :smiley:

This is a known issue caused by Razer Synapse. We have a post on our known technical support issues here on the steps to resolve the issue:

but i dont have any razer synapse installed

If you ever had razer software installed on your PC, it’s possible the modules that cause this crash stayed behind. You should check out the link above either way. If it doesn’t help, please create your own thread, because you would be dealing with a different problem than the one in this thread.

Razer software does that

Looks like some other players have taken over your thread. We can still try to fix your problem if you haven’t already. Can you add your DxDiag here?