Can't see who is talking in voice chat

The little pictures in the top left corner don’t show up anymore but I hear people talk.
No, it’s not discord or anything else where people talk, it’s in the game voice chat.

I have left and joined it and restarted the game but they do not show up anymore. What can I do to fix this? I don’t know which player is talking.

Have you tried running a scan and repair yet?

Yes I did but that didn’t repair anything, the issue is still there.

I think this could be a possible network issue, which I am also experiencing at the moment.

Sometimes the server tells me that I am alone in voice chat, but this is not true. After some time (2 minutes) I automatically join the voice chat. But I can’t see player icons when someone is talking until I manually leave the voice chat and rejoin the voice chat again.

So nothing I can fix then, I hope this gets patched or fixed somehow because it’s really annoying not being able to tell who is talking, especially when everyone says “I” and “me” and I can’t see the character icon.

I have been having this same issue. It even happens in the ow 2 beta. I am not sure what is causing it yet.

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