Can't rejoin game and am suspended?

my game crashed and i start OW again only to see that I am suspended. Why can’t I rejoin? I only left for less than a minute! not only will my team lose due to 5v6 but I’m being punished for DCing and trying to reconnect??

Chances are if you immediately returned, then the game was in a state early enough where the game cancelled and your teammates and opponents were able to avoid SR changes. However since your crash is responsible for the incident, you are marked with a loss and penalty. Details here:

As always if you are crashing frequently, stop playing competitive and take time to investigate the issue. Your message is not very clear on the nature of the crash so I will refer you to these basic crash and disconnection troubleshooting guides to start:

this is a BS answer, there is no fix for these crashes, the unfortunate ones it happens to just paid for a game that doesn’t fully function & they literally have to avoid a specific mode because NOBODY HAS FIXED THE RENDERING DEVICE ERROR YET.

Why did you bump this thread? This thread isn’t even about rendering device lost and it is also an old inactive thread. And plenty of people have been able to get help from Blizzard regarding crashes (crashes for all kinds of reasons).

And it is absolute nonsense to state that nobody has fixed the rendering device error yet, I have. I own a 2070 GPU and my card no longer crashes ever since I started using the renaming method, which is the only fix Blizzard advised people to use. If people decide to use all other kind of fixes it only becomes all that more likely that their GPU becomes even more unstable.

I used the renaming method. And the 3 or 5 other things blizzard mentioned to try also. Nothing works. I’m so glad YOU aren’t having the problem, that doesn’t mean its not a consistent problem with others (I know for a fact, I have people on my friends list with the exact same issue still.)