Can't reconnect after server disconnect


I just got a red exclamation icon in a comp game - I’ve never seen it before. The server connection dropped shortly after and took a while to reconnect. Once at the menu, the rejoin match option was there, but no matter how many times I clicked it, it wouldn’t rejoin. So, I exited the game and reopened it and didn’t have the option to rejoin and I was suspended from comp temporarily. What gives?

From the Diagnosing Overwatch Network Problems support document:

This icon indicates that the client has not heard from your lobby or from the game server for an extended period of time and that a disconnection is likely.

This means the match was still in progress (the server did not crash/disconnect), but your connection was not able to reach the server. It could be a temporary issue with the route your ISP uses.

If you leave the match, regardless of the cause, you receive an SR loss. More info on that here: