Can't receive Contenders Reward

Got the same problem but with the Mercy skin. Watched all of the streams so far, much more than 15 hours and not gotten the Mercy one yet.

However, the Mercy one might be bugged as I can’t find anyone who has gotten it so far.

Symmetra too, I have it, but some people don’t.

I got Symmetra after the second stream of South America, so my guess is either the Korea or the China event didn’t accumulate view hours, as people only have problems now.


Nods. I missed the SA stream so watched the China stream last night. Woke up today and Symm skin wasn’t unlocked. The page said I had logged in to earn rewards too.

So it might be a log error for the Korea/China broadcasts for some reason.

Hopefully the EU/NA streams from Wednesday through the end of the month will unlock them


whenever I reload the OWL page, I get logged out. Does this affect the possibility to earn the contenders drops?

Yes it may , please consider using another browser , if you are using Google Chrome , i recommend using Microsoft Edge , or Firefox Browser .

Ditto here.

I’ve tried on Mac and PC, with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Deleted all cookies, fresh install of Firefox, etc. But no luck.

Hey all. It would be best to report these issues over to #general-discussion forums, since its not necessarily technical. I wanted to provide some general information though if it may help a few of you here.

  • You will automatically receive a set of Contenders home and away Symmetra skins in your account after enjoying 7 hours of live Contenders content.
  • When you reach 15 hours you will automatically receive a set of Contenders home and away Mercy skins.
  • Your hours will reset at the end of the month, so log in now to support Overwatch Contenders!

The rewards can take up to 48 hours to be credited, so you may not see the rewards right away.

If you’re having issues with logging in or other issues with the stream, the following may help:

  • Disable any ad blockers or security programs temporarily.
  • Try another browser.
  • Try another connection or device if possible.

If you’re still having issues with the contender rewards, please feel to continue the discussion over on the #general-discussion forums.

Thanks to everyone for all information.

Sorry to Caterpepi for my mistake, it’s my first post on the forum :cry:

This one here bothers me
Does it have to do with the fact that the logged account has an authenticator?

i have watched koreans and china vodcast using firefox and i making sure i left the main window on contenders when i left my PC, and no symmetra skin even though i’m sure i already watched more than 7 hours. (the china vodcast is around 5-6 hrs, i think).

i’m not sure even if i watched the rest of this month contenders i can get the mercy skin if the system still bugged.

There should still be about 20+ hours of contenders content this week. From the 28th to the 31st, EU is playing 12PM to 3PM PST and NA is playing 3PM to 5PM PST. These NA/EU games look like they are at accessible times for everyone who really wants these skins running 5 hours back to back for 4 days straight.

Alright, i’ll prepare my laptop to run all 4 days. Hope blizz doesn’t ruin it again by not registering my watch time.

update: at last i got symm’s contender skins. thank god. and thank you blizz.

now onwards to mercy. :slight_smile:


Grats on receiving them.

Hopefully mine show up soon but I am thinking watching on Chrome caused something to not detect for myself so to Edge I go and hopefully these next few days get me the skins

i’m watching the EU match on edge. i hope it’s working. if not, then open ticket to blizz it is.

Update: just got the Mercy skins after watching the last stream, seems like they already corrected the issue. thanks and good work blizz.

I have watched both the SA and China finals along with the 8 hours from the 28th and still have not received either. I don’t know if there is a delay or something with the rewards?

Hey everyone, just as a heads up remember to continue to follow the main thread in General Discussion when troubleshooting problems with earning Contenders skins. I am most active on that thread where I can help most users with:

In addition to Caterpepi’s advice, here are key steps to often reset any account issues with earning rewards include:

In addition there is now a handy “green light/red light” indicator just below the video player during live broadcasts (only on the English US version of the site) to show if you are successfully earning rewards.

How do i know how many hours i have seen until now

anyone already get torb or lucio skins? i’m sure i have watched most of the contender games since early november, but still doesn’t get it. i even make sure the green light is on since they roll the green light update. do i have to open a ticket every month? this is getting ridiculous.

I have got both of them.

same, suddenly its on my inventory since yesterday. it’s nice that i didn’t have to open ticket again.