Can't post or reply to topics in the Overwatch Forums

Ok, so one day I decided to check out the Overwatch Forums. I already bought Overwatch back in mid April, and have been an avid player since. Although when I logged in with my main account (Aveonick#1327), I couldn’t make a new topic or reply to topics on the forums. I could only read the topics. I had to make a new account (this one) to post, but even on this account I can’t reply to any topics in general discussion. I read a few posts about Xbox and PS4 players not being able to post, but I play on PC on the America server. but I have only been banned once (for 10 minutes) for disconnecting in comp. It would be greatly appreciated if any one could help me. Thanks!


Maybe these steps might help?



  1. I DO have the purchased verision of Overwatch. And I do have it in my transaction history.
  2. I am not playing on console. I play on PC.
    3.I do not belive that I have any parental control settings on my main account.
  3. I have not been suspended from the fourms and have not gotten an email.
    But thanks anyway Nicole

Same dude I made a topics similar to this and I think this same guy gave me a reply just like this, but I’ve already checked all that stuff and according to that it should work.


This issue is still happening. I just linked my XBL account to the Overwatch forums and still cannot post in Overwatch topics.

Yes, I own OW. Yes, i have parental controls turned off. Yes, I have both Blizzard and Battledotnet accounts.

Something seems broken.

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Try logging out of your profile then logging back in by clicking the your battletag in the top right. If that doesn’t work, the link above mentions that it can take some time for the update to the license to actually take on your account. Here it is again for reference.


Drak, Logging out and back in worked! TYSM!

I am having same problem please.

I linked my xbox account but apparently still I can only post in this bug section. I am using android phone maybe is the problem?

Edited by Blizzard - this topic is being locked as the issue was resolved for the original poster. Please follow the instructions in the above blue post. If you need more help, create your own thread or contact support.

Thank you so much! It would be nice if it automatically linked your console when you login to on your Xbox/Playstation but this works too!

Why is this happening to me now? PC player from day 1 May 23, 2016.

if your in the Americas region like me, the servers are severely acting up so it’s causing players to be logged out most certainly all the time. hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.