Can't Open Overwatch

I’ve tried everything in the support guides that I’ve seen and nothing has worked. So, heres the problem. When I press play for Overwatch in the Battlenet launcher it goes fullscreen then it crashes after about 1 second. I don’t get any sort of error code and I do meet the system requirements. All of my drivers are up to date and I’ve also run the repair tool which has fixed nothing. I’ve only started having this issue today and it has never happened to me before.

There was a recent update both for Windows and for Razer peripherals. Are you using any Razer devices? Some players have said a reinstall of Synapse 3 worked for them.

I am using two razer devices, it says in the windows updates in settings that 2 Razer HIDClasses are pending install, do I need to install those?

It’s worrh a shot to update them.

alright so downloading them didn’t work I’ll try reinstalling synapse now

Having the same issue. Tried updating synapse and still getting a brief black screen when I try to load ow…

Hey, angelzpanik! Have you tried the suggestions on this post for razer?

I also have Razer peripherals but the problem was the Windows update for me. I uninstalled my most recent update (KB4557957) and it fixed it for me.

Same for me. Windows update fixed it. Thanks!

Thanks for the details, Dubbs! We’ve seen some reports of this back when the v2004 was still an insider preview, though with it not being pushed to everyone yet, we haven’t seen a consistent issue with this build. I’ll keep a look out for others experiencing issues with the Windows 10 v2004 and see if our teams aware of any issues :slight_smile: