Can't Mercy beam cryo'd Mei?

Is it just me or can I not target Mei when she goes into Cryofreeze? This has been going on for at least a week for me. If I’m healing her before she goes into cryo, my beam does the thing where it stays attached for 1-2 seconds even if the target LOS’s me, and then it disengages, and I can’t click Mei again until she leaves cryo.

They changed that a few patches ago. Mei is now treated as out of Line of Sight when in her ice block.

It’s like trying to heal a brick wall.

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yep, it was stupid, huge and unnecessary nerf of Mei’s survivability. Thats why she has one of the lowest pickrate+winrate from bronze to GM


Is that why? I thought it was her ability to actually freeze anyone was nerfed so hard that freezing only buys enough time to reload because your gun is empty

ammo nerf is not so huge as nerf of survivability)
Now have to stay in cryo much more time to heal yourself without healers - and enemies will waiting this monent)
Or you have to risk and cancel cryo with low hp)

“Reload simulator” dosen’t kill you so much time as that)
Ability to frezee wasn’t very useful anyway, coz slowdown of fast targets was nerfed before (and hitboxes of frozen targets are completely broken Mei freeze causes hitboxes to get messed up beyond belief (With tons of video proof and analysis))

Its so stupid… you cant even GA to her