Can't hear anyone in voice chat

I can see that players are speaking in voice chat, and they can hear me, but I can not hear them.
Yesterday I changed the “default communication device” in windows and made it work, but today the same problem is back and I can’t fix it.

Please fix this, or change back to how this worked before the last update!

Maybe you have this last issue.

So, you need to wait.

I have the same issue since two patch notes ago. :confused: It’s just not letting me play as a support.

I have a similar problem in my headset (corsair void pro 7.1 dolby surround) i hear the game audio but some time the voice chat end up on the freaking speakers its supper obnoxious

under what situation would it ever be desirable to split of audio from a headset like that?! good grief this better be fixed in OW2 its an absolutely super annoying bug!