Can't find the thumbs down icon for these forums

I’m just getting back into Overwatch and am reading the forums out here. Where is the down thumb icon so I can quietly tell most of these posters what I think of them? The thumb down was a community icon for the flaming garbage heap that is a public forum.

Btw, stop trying to nerf Brigette, people. Go, like, Hanzo or something.

This was a decision blizzard put into place.
The same goes for the nerfs/buffs.

Not a bug nor technical support issue.
Please don’t post such things here, but rather in general discussion.
This will allow players with real issues to have their posts seen.

Community Manager Tom Powers addressed why the downvote button was removed. You need to constructively and appropriately address any posts that you do not agree with.

Forum technical questions are fine to ask in the technical support forum.

I suppose I misread OP’s forum technical support issue as a complaint.
Could’ve been the “flaming garbage heap that is a public forum” that threw me off.