Cant enter overwatch

every time i press the launch button it brings me into overwatch for a second, but the only thing i see is a black screen, then it crashes. every time i try, it instantly crashes. i dont have any other tabs/games open and i dont have any programms running in the background. i really need help

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Exactly same problem here. It was all fine just about 3 hours ago and now it isn’t. There is also no error message, just black screen and then it quits

thats the exact some thing that happenes to me. any idea what the problem could be? has this happened before?

sorry they only care ow 2 now! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

getting the same thing here, hopefully some one can figure something out

Hey, so I just saw a thread that explains there’s an issue with Razor Synapse. I uninstalled it and suddenly, my game works.

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what the heck it actally works! thanks you so much yarmahnarnar!

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