Can't connect to Overwatch

My country falls in Americas region (although I live in SEA country. Yes, weird category I know). Which is why I wonder what the real reason is

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same here game server > connecting to game server > entering game > LOST CONNECTION WITH GAME SERVER.

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Well I can only speculate as to what the actual issue is. If it is a Spectrum issues I don’t think this is something they will fix quickly unless a lot of customers happen to complain about this issue, but I don’t see that happening at this point.

If your issue started within the last hour then it is not likely related to the Spectrum issues being reported over the last week. There is currently an issue affecting multiple services that are causing instant disconnections post launch. If you are experiencing this, we are investigating but do not have an ETA.

If your issue has been happening prior to this and you are on Spectrum, we recommend adding to one of those threads from the last few days.

Thank you for the information

IT looks like the core issue has been addressed and you should be able to log in normally at this time. If you are still experiencing issues, restart your system and network, then retest. If the issue persists and you are on spectrum, post in one of those active threads, if you are not with spectrum, reply back to this thread with the specific error message and when you encounter it so we can look into that further.

I just bought the game and it doesn’t even show up on my battle net. I looked in the “game version” drop down and still only shows OW1. I did a scan and repair and still nothing. I have the email confirmation that my purchase went through and it shows “complete” on my account.

Getting failed to connect to game server. Please try again later, on switch. I
Tested internet connection and no issues there.

Still getting “Unexpected Server Error Occurs”.

  • Logged in with quick launcher (battle net client) & desktop shortcut
  • Logged in with email & password
  • Has been occurring since Monday 07/18
  • ISP not Spectrum (local fiber provider)

I was able to initially login using the free OW1 trial, logged out, then got the error above trying to log back in. I purchased the OW2 WatchPoint pack, still unable to log in to server.

Hello OW support??? Anybody home?!?!? Fix your Overwatch game?!?!? Keep getting disconnected from server. Its only Owerwatch, im having no problems playing Hearthstone or other online games. Owerwatch lost connection to server after 1-4 minutes in the game. Several of my friends are having the same problem.
EU here.


yeah i waited a day and i kept trying, it just says that i’ve failed to connect to the game server and to try again later. How could this be fixed?

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Do you happen to be connected to a Unifi router?

Hello, i am on spectrum and have been unable to connect to overwatch 2 beta servers for 4 days now. Ive uninstalled, reinstalled. Reset my router etc. And i am still unable to connect. This issue is only present for overwatch. I did purchase the game and would like to access. I have attempted to log in on both my ps5s and on my ps4. And none work. Please advise.

Hello, i am still unable to connect to the overwatch 2 beta servers. I am kn spectrum. I have uninstalled , reset my router, etc but nothing works. Please advise

Hi, i am still unable to connect to the overwatch 2 beta servers. I am on spectrum. I have uninstalled , reset my router, etc but nothing works. Please advise. TIA :sparkles:

The beta concluded a couple of days ago, no one has access to it anymore.

The beta runs till the 25th. And ive been without access since monday. Which wouldn’t make any sense

The first Overwatch 2 Beta ended on May 17, 2022. The second Overwatch 2 Beta began June 28, 2022 and ended July 18, 2022. There is no beta currently running.

Same here in NZ. And I wanna try on my new gaming laptop. Dang you. lol