Can't buy Lucio's legendary emote

The problem here is that it shouldn’t be locked in the first place, I just spent $15 because I love lucio and it says “300 points”. Okay, no biggie, take my money but let us purchase what we want. I don’t understand the problem when 15 dollars is a reasonable price for “an emote!” and it’s money going to blizzards pockets. Give us a full refund, or unlock the emote to be purchased with the price on screen.


Was ripped from summer games

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Woke up this morning saw it 300 tokens no hesitation bought it wasted $20 with to work with disappointment :frowning:

Cool, so am I getting my money back for the pass?

This is absolutely despicable on Blizzard’s part. Either they intended on making the emote available the entire time and withheld that information from people, or they bowed to pressure from people who didn’t want to pay for the pass but still wanted the pass–exclusive emote, with zero thought to the people who shelled out the pass.

Blizzard has a duty to the people who bought the pass because of the exclusive emote in the final weeks of the pass. Hell, they owe the people who bought a pass and thought “Hey, neat bonus for believing in the league!”

This is absolutely disgusting.


This is unprofessional, disappointing and unacceptable.
I paid 19.99$ to receive nothing. I opened up a ticked, I expect a refund soon.
This is NOT the way to go. I’m an avid consumer of your product, I usually buy tons of lootboxes for me, my family and my friends.


They kinda hinted at this actually. This emote is the only item labeled as “limited time exclusive” on OWL website. They could have been more clear about this tho. At least now they are.

Are console players able to be refunded for this, or should we hold onto the tokens for when the emote is released later?

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They kinda hinted at this actually. This emote is the only item labeled as “limited time exclusive” on OWL website. They could have been more clear about this tho. At least now they are.    

“Limited time exclusive” in my eyes mean, it’s just a small time window where you can buy the All-Access-Pass because the OWL ends soon. Now is too late but seems like we have to accept although this is unresponsible behavior from Blizzard.

Edit: But I’m may wrong with my side of understanding, I won’t say you are wrong!

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There are 2 possible meanings. Apparently they meant “exclusive to all access pass bundle for some time, then its going to be available separately”.
I have every legendary in the game except this emote and there is no way Im buying all-access. I refuse to support “buy a lot of stuff you dont need if you want this item” business practice. Complaining is futule, Im voting with my money.


As we both know, it will now definitely going to be available for you :slight_smile: I wish they would just be a bit more direct with their info regarding skins you have to pay for. Rip my money but I should probably think more about the “limited-time exclusive” but you probably can imagine how uncertain I was to actually be not able to get the Lucio Emote.


Mercy was also called a “limited time exclusive”, as are the blizzcon skins. Neither of which have come back for purchase. They used that term to blatantly mislead passholders.


Thank you for this info, seems like I was right with my thinking. The question is, what if they actually planning to bring the Mercy Skin back but to be real, I don’t think so. They had to be clear about this info!

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So, from what I understand, this emote is only available to people with an all access pass, yes?

If so, I still can’t buy it. And I have the pass. So, is that a bug or is the emote completely off limits to everybody right now?

You have to redeem the Emote on the official OverwatchLeague Twitch-page.

Could you just make it purchasable now since you bamboozled us to spend this money early?

Quoting Tom for this one.

Please keep in mind that the technical support agents and community managers cannot assist with refunds. You will need to contact support as stated above.

In addition, keep in mind that we are unable to speak on behalf of our Microsoft and Sony partner refund policies (console players). Please be aware t that if you choose to contact Microsoft and Sony support for a refund on your XBox/Playstation accounts, they may or may not be able to provide refunds.

Again, we’re sorry for any confusion caused by this situation.

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My battle tag is named lynx but yet when I play over watch it’s still my Xbox name. how do I change this? Mind you I linked my account and everything and I bought the game digitally.



Why did I have to go to the game’s forums to figure it out?!


My purchase of the emote and subsequent tokens was allowed so what happens now?

Am I going to have the emote removed from my account? Do I need to file for a refund??

This is very good news! Thank you, Blizzard.I really want that emotion, but I didn’t have the extra $30. This is a very good and right thing, my soul Luciomain can sleep peacefully. Thank you.
P.S.Don’t be selfish, what’s wrong with everyone getting what they want? First of all, you bought full access to the League, and the emotion is just a bonus. So don’t whine guys.