Cannot get more than about 110fps in game with a GTX 1080 (used to get near 300 solid)

Hi, this is my first time posting on the forums but I’m not sure where else to post. I’ve been playing OW for a long time, and have always used the same settings (75% render scale, 1080p120 strobed, most settings high-ish). Recently (6 months or so) my fps has been way lower than it was before (down to 90-120 in game, but still getting ~250 in hero select etc).

Changing the resolution does not affect the fps at all (minimum resolution and 4K all are the same FPS, capping at about 120 spiking to about 140 sometimes).

All vsync/buffering etc settings are set correctly.

Overclocking CPU/GPU/RAM does not affect fps.

All (BIOS/GPU/peripheral/CPU) drivers are up to date

There are no background tasks running that should interfere with the game (its practically a fresh install of windows and I am very aware of how to deal with background tasks that may cause issues)

Other games perform fine, 150fps in pubg, 400 in CSGO, nothing else seems to have had this performance impact.

I’m stumped, has anyone else experienced this?



same. pls help. 1080ti 8700k couldn’t bring me back to 300 fps.

Disable any overclocking settings anyways. See if that helps.

Try a full uninstall and reinstall of Overwatch as well.

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Trying that now, I’ll let you know how it goes.

No luck, nothing is different. Roughly 90-110fps. Full reinstall of PTR and Live, no difference.

Not sure if you use razor products but if you do that might be the issue.

I don’t but thanks anyway

I used reinstalling windows as an excuse to get a new SSD (SN750 500GB) and it appears that it has solved (230fps average?) the issue. I do not know what could have been causing this but it seems to be solved, for now. I will bump this post if the issue returns.