Cancled games are killing ow

Waiting over half houtlr to play for 7 mins…

Games dead

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A match can’t get cancelled after 7 minutes unless the entirety of one team leaves or if there’s a hacker

is this even a thing? I know they were talking about nullfying and/or cancelling matches with hackers but it has never happened to me

and with the people here who complain of hackers, none of them have ever mentioned that they’ve had a match cancelled because of one

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I saw it happen on stream once but it’s pretty rare

People leaving the first 30s…

Its a pandemic so many people leave the computer to do chores and dont come back and then its a 2o min wait to play again.

Poor matchmaking and trying to make games “even” by putting poor teammates with good players is killing the game.


Why would anyone sit in their horrible matchmaking games? Where it’s obviously lopsided or needs to be redone because it seems to want to toss people where they don’t belong.

Or Smurfs in every dang map because they all claim to be good but can’t progress on their mains.

Comp is a literal joke, it is absolutely pointless to play other than the HOPE you get a good team. When you have good games, game is interesting. But you spend more in in the damn waiting than you do in games, so yes, I see why people leave games. Tell me to wait this long, then expect me to sit in a game where people trickle in, never group up, don’t counter, etc.

Yeah, bye.

Unfortunately until they stop to find another person and reset the game or put you immediately in a game without waiing.i suggest option a. The game will be annoying to play for dps players. I have wasted twenty plus minutes total for two matches In a row to be canceled.get fed up and not even try to play.

it’s almost as if they should open the tank viability by nerfing rein a bit so the other tanks are fun to play while being viable. Just saying most people don’t hate playing tank, they hate playing rein and guess who’s meta bronze to gm… eeeyup