Can you please tone down Goats, nanoblade and grav dragon?

it’s so unfun to play against, i hate being in high rank where everyone just abuses compositions and q clicks. Nerf rein, zarya, hanzo, ana & genjis ultimate. Tired of them, make them as bad as symmetra, torbs and mercy. Give goats and actual counter, reaper can’t counter it cuz of all the healing and shields. to counter goats mirror it. Proves how bad the game is designed. Same with widow you counter widow with widow

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You might just need to “get gud” as they say.

Grav Dragon is easily countered with DM or Trans, as is Nano blade. There’s about 50 CC abilities in the game with which you can stun Genji and focus him.

Rein’s shatter is easily countered or avoided be just standing being a shield or a wall.

Symm, torb and Mercy aren’t even that bad, just not meta. You want bad, look at Doomfist.

Widow is countered by anyone that gets in her face. Winston,, Hammond, Genji, Tracer, Reaper, or just corner spam with Hanzo.


Get gud? uhm my aim is good my positioning is good i think i play good. just tired of meta can’t people just play normally like before? i miss season 2. i miss mass rez and symms teleporter cuz when u died to that boring combo u could atleast get back to the fight

You’ll ask for nerfs on the next comp if all that is nerfed, so it really doesn’t matter.

I mean, they only just finished nerfing brig into the ground, Winston and several ‘beam’ based heroes will probably have more damage against armour in a few months according to an interview with Geoff Goodman and Grav got nerfed already to a shadow of its older form.

Nanoblade however is still untouched and IMO, is somewhat busted, i think thats the only change you can realistically expect to see, and probably not any time soon either.