Can you please fix or delete briggite?


There’s nothing elitist about it. I hardly play the heroes Brigitte counters, and as a Widow main, I really only benefited from Brigitte smashing all my counters to dust. It might be surprising, but some people actually consider the health of the game as a whole, rather than just their personal experience, when talking about these things.

This might be a little elitist, though: If you actually think it’s fine for high-skill, high-effort heroes to be hard countered by low-skill, low-effort heroes, you really have no business even taking part in these discussions, and you certainly have no business deciding what is and isn’t a valid argument.


Sure but when that hero is being hard countered by the other, and their “opinion” is “delete that which counters my hero”, you can see how it’s hard to take seriously.


Did the community accept her when blizzard just nerfed her cooldown from 6 to 7 seconds ???


If it’s a no-skill counter, then I understand the frustration fully.


Ah yes, let’s compare Symmetra - her .82% pickrate, 55% winrate, and the 3rd to least picked hero in the game.

To Brigitte! 8th picked hero overall, 4.28% pick rate- not bad at all! Top that off with a 56% winrate, and I believe you have yourself a statistically broken hero!

She’s got a bloated winrate in every rank on top of a decent - good pickrate.

In fact, she’s so easy that she’s one of 3 heroes in bronze that have a winrate above 50. She’s leading it with 53%.

Of course, Torbjörn and Symmetra are the other 2, with 1.64% and under pickrates.

In Grandmaster, she is the 7th most picked, with the 4th highest winrate. Topped by Doomfist and - you guessed it - Symmetra and Torbjörn!


Is this live yet? I don’t think so and if it isn’t… wait for it to go live before we keep complaining about her. Ok? Ok.


But it is not a “no skill counter” so there is no need for that frustration. The no skill argument is just a “hate” argument spread by Brig haters.


This nerf is not enough …


And yet she is the second least support picked in general, people literally prefer to play other heroes than her, so much for the super powered broken hero huh.


How do you know it isn’t enough?

Edit: Also this shows that this thread is pointless… that PTR nerf proves that they are working on “fixing” Brigitte.


They prefer to play other heroes because they don’t find fun while playing her…


If she was balanced she wouldn’t have such a good pickrate with a bloated winrate.


How about you, Tell me how is that enough??


They’ve been consistently nerfing her, why don’t you wait it out and see what they do with it first?

They see her shield bash being unfair-- nerfed that. They see her shield being too strong-- nerfed that. Just give them time, she’s a new hero. They’re still working on one of the heroes from the beginning of the game even.


You mean doomfist? Brig is easy to deal with.


Second least picked support, which is the only one that matters as we have to judge based on role. And the win rates are unreliable as we can see by looking at other heroes.


Did they see? I’ve been waiting for ~6 months and just 2-3 small nerfs.


That’s the way she goes my dude. You have to be patient, you can’t expect everything to fall together at once.


Truthfully, I don’t know if it is enough either… but thing is… it does prove that they are working on bringing her balance in line without chucking her into the waste bin… so … there’s your answer. The Devs are already working on fixing Brigitte, so you really didn’t need to post this.


Another hate comment. They must not have fun with her because i hate her and she must be the most boring character ever, and also OP and has nothing to do with her countering my hero and me not being capable of adapting or playing something else.