Can you just remove Resurrect already?

Does it really take that much effort to deal with Mercy’s real problem?
Nerfing her healing didn’t do anything. Don’t use the argument that she can’t keep allies up reliably, so other supports can shine. That’s not a fair argument, and it doesn’t solve the real problem.

Mercy is still OP because of rez on cooldown. Having this stupid ability at the very start of the game is exactly what is wrong with her. If you removed this ability, I’m sure plenty of people would somewhat respect Mercy players more.

Valkyrie is an absolute joke of an ultimate. It doesn’t do anything. Anything. Oh, I can fly now. That’s great. Meanwhile my teammates are dead and I can’t do anything about it because I can barely just outheal a Moira orb. I can’t fly in and rez, because I’m dead before I can get it off. “But just time your rezzes safely 4Head” No, that’s not the point.

This girl NEEDS a rework. As a Moira/Ana player, I’m very happy that I actually get to play them and not submit to the Mercy meta anymore, but I still consider her to be one of my mains. This stupid rez ability on cooldown is barely keeping her alive in the game.

What do I propose? A revert on the healing nerf, and replace rez with something else; or put rez on a resource meter (and remove/reduce its cast-time). Don’t say it’s too complicated to build, you’re a billion dollar company with qualified designers who have already designed something similar with Torbjorn. Either remove it, or make this design choice.

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Well, after the healing nerf her pickrate has been dropping nonestop and her winrate is at 48% being the only healer with below average (50%) winrate I think.

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Or we make an actual good rework that fixes the former issues without being OPAF. In Titaniums latest thread you can find a good rework suggestion that still keeps rez as Mercys signature move and ult but adds risk to it. To give her something in return it also adds some utility for the midfight. Enjoy reading if you want to.


Mercy is not OP. Rez is OP, but finally Ana and Moira are allowed to shine after Mother Moth’s nerf, so she doesn’t simply outclass them in everyway.

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#DeleteResurrect is something I have always agreed to. Lets do it.

call me crazy,but after the healing nerf,Mercy’s kit feels balanced and I love that Ana,Moira and Lúcio are seeing more playtime

Uhm? If the other healers can shine doesnt that mean mercy with rez isnt op anymore?

Yeah, that’s what I said: