Can you hear us?

I think there is truth to what you are saying. I think that is just “meta” right? Like… there will always be “the best way” to play kinda thing, but I dont think its fair to say ok, Bastion is garbage 99% of the time.

To me, that is not proper balance. I think pick rates should be VERY close between all heroes.

Let me say this… when I play Paladins, I feel like I can pick any hero and still be effective. Sure, it might not be “meta” picks, but I still feel like if I am skilled enough with the hero I selected, that I can still be effective for my team.

In Overwatch, if you pick certain heroes, you are literally just dragging your team down. That is SO wrong and its not fun for you or your team.

Bad balance. 0/10


A player’s skill should translate to better overall performance, Not just player’s choice in hero picks.

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This. A thousand times, this! ^

I learned the hard way…

I can’t just jump in and have a good time playing Bastion!
Why wouldn’t i pick Hanzo? or… Tracer?
Or spam Alt fire as Genji?

Why when my Aim and overall gamesense means so little that it loses the game for my team?

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People been saying this for 2 years, what makes you think they’re not doing this on purpose.

If so, then they REALLY Want to kill their game, by running their dedicated playerbase off.

And no, i’m not saying “The game is dying” No… They are just demonstrating how to kill one.

I don’t feel good after i play… I don’t feel “Not any different” I usually feel angry Frustrated, Or even Sad after attempting to play my favorite hero.

THAT Loses players.


I agree. The amount of “fun” I get out of Overwatch now is so small. It doesn’t make me wanna play. Thats why I stopped playing a while ago. But I want to come back and enjoy it… I just can’t.

I’m not suggesting the devs will ever achieve perfection, but it would be nice if they would stop actively focusing on the ‘counter’ philosophy, and look to build a game where you can play whatever character that speaks to you and your play style without it automatically being trolling or throwing.

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Their dedicated playerbase doesn’t even play the game, They just write fanfics and draw weird stuff.

They ran off the real players by constantly changing what their game is while failing to tackle the issue of why it needed changing. Hanzo Moira and Torb jr we’re bandaids slapped over a problem and called done.

Can i let you in on a secret?

My birthday is coming up soon… And lets just say, i’m… Not a popular person.
I don’t have many friends, nor anything even planned…

I thought to myself, for just a moment… “I’ll stay home and game, it’ll be fun”

Until i realized… I Can’t play my favorite hero… In my FAVORITE game… In my first FPS i ever played.

And now i’m just… sad.
And utterly disappointed in the devs for making me love this game so much…

(I might make a thread about this on the day itself… I mean, i wont have much else to do anyways.)

I would Never pander for likes, Responses, nor sympathy… But on a lonely birthday, i… Just want to play my favorite hero again…
(I’ll probably end up just watching OLD Overwatch vids on YT.)


Honestly the entire game just needs a rework at this point.

I don’t mind having the game balanced around the highest level of play. Infact hek let’s have the OWL dictate balance cause it is the highest level of play. There should just always be the element of fun for all levels otherwise everyone else ends up having a bad time. It probably means nerfing to the ground the more forgiving heroes in the roaster in favour of the higher ‘skill’ ones. Wouldn’t it be viable to balance around the middle though, that way a player who gets really good can be really effective, obove average effectiveness, while those in the really low brackets will not be able to get that level of effectiveness.

And I have not much experience with Paladins but I would like to see how they balance auto-aim mechanics or rather diverse heroes. It leads me to think that the cast may not be as diverse as that of OW and there is always the perception of balance among the players to consider.

All I know is that Overwatch is a video game. Competitive or not, a video game should have fun as the number 1 priority at all times.

Overwatch is NOT fun right. The balance is such a mess that it isn’t enjoyable anymore. The amount of CC and knockbacks is too high and most of the cast could be deleted from the game and you wouldn’t never know anything has changed.

IMO, Overwatch isn’t in a good place right now because if the game isn’t fun to play, it is most certainly NOT FUN to watch. They can pump all the money they want into the OWL but I hardly watched it at all because it was just 2 teams running the same thing over and over again. YAWN

I know how you feel. The game balance needs serious love right now.

Happy Birthday though! :birthday: :beers: :tada:

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Yea… :confused:

Aww… Thanks soo much! :blush:

(Although my birthday is on the 11th, but yea. lul)

This post is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Why can we not get a reply? If no one else, Titanium should have had a reply by now.

Again. I will repeat:

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Yes, they and other Mercy mains should have had a reply about their genuine dissatisfaction with what they did to their mains, a long time ago, If not a change to address that dissatisfaction with the entire outcome. :3

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Like… its not a joke anymore. Someone needs to step up and give us a big update on what the heck is going on. I feel like we haven’t head from them in a year

Its time for a 15 minute (minimum) dev update at this point on everything from Mercy, to game balance, lore, events, etc.


Balance discussions feel like they are somewhere between these:


Hahahahahahahaha omg yaaaas

Best comment on these forums


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