Can yall fix the SA servers?

I have no opinion on the Leavers Penalty thing, but what I’m seeing in the last 2 weeks or so is ppl leaving matches because 2/3 matches have 200ms across the board… So… I don’t blame ppl for leaving an UNPLAYABLE game… And now their gonna get punished for it… In QP… I’m not even getting close to comp until they fix it, but its Blizzard so it could take half the season, 3 years, they might just cut os the SA servers off their plans so…


It’s going to be 2 months already with this ping roullette and they didn’t even acknowledge the issue yet. I had to stop because it’s Impossible to play without getting a penalty now, waste of time.


I did some testing on the problem. Whether they see this and do something about it, it’s another story.

servers are so badly overlaoded im nnot gonna even bother trying to login

Yeah! SA servers are about 2 months with horrible situation, such a high latency, UNPLAYABLE!