Can we try some other things?

Can we try one/both of these:

  • Damage Brigitte’s shield on a successful bash. Disable shield regen for a short duration.
  • Remove stun from bash, but increase knock-back a bit. Rehinhard’s shield would stay in place when hit.

Instead of all of these:

The shield interaction on PTR is weird and clunky. It’s inconsistent with melee abilities.

Melee abilities do 30 damage. If a fist can do 30 damage, surely a shield being smashed in someone’s face will do more than 5 damage. I mean, come on!

D’va boosters got changed from 25 to 10 a while back. Same weird changes. A fist does more damage than a flying mech smacking into you.

Of course no matter how much anyone begs or pleas, the changes on the PTR will go thru without any consideration. When have they not?