Can we test experimental card changes in a practice range?

O thanks! Didnt know that

That’d be much appreciated.

I didn’t even know you could do it either :joy:

I checked, puts brig at like 5HP and reaper at actually 1HP

It puts it at 249.

Chuck a melee in and you can kill a Reaper.

There’s a button to do that?

Also, I see what you did. Sym is holding her gun in Practice Range now when sitting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

if I recall correctly HP in overwatch actually supports decimal places (because damage falloff), however displayed health is rounded up (because rounding down to 0 HP, but still having the hero be alive would look silly)

I thought you were joking but I just checked and ITS TRUUUUUUUUUUUE. I just bought her golden gun so I’m very happy with this change!


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Look next to the basketball

It’s only her sit emote though but it bodes well.

it’s probably safe to assume the experimental changes are all implemented in the same manner of custom game or workshop overrides, meaning a lobby restart is probably required for them and a in-match button to swap between them wouldn’t be very graceful (especially if more than one person is in that training range)

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My friend who is queuing with me cannot see the gun so my hope is that they’ll eventually add this as a permanent change ;~;

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Jeff…just grow your beard and be pretty… It’s your best asset :sob::sob:


It’s still on the PTR, but I found images online. Neat.

Well, I mean, he figured it out.


Well, to be fair no one knew that

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Raising the dzen hp to 250 will have much more than his ability to kill a 250 hp target with 2 shots. How often does he kill a 200 hp target with 2 shots? And how often before that he dies faster?

That would be really nice! Perhaps just add a new menu under “Practice Range” that offers Live and Experimental Version. Just as you plan to do it with Comp Role Queue and Open Queue.

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Wait isnt this already possible?

workshop has a “use experimental update when avaiable”

and it also has a “training room” gamemode option

edit: NVM he found out