Can we talk lunar colony. Its a horrible map!

It would be better if there was one additional turn from the defenders spawn in point B. really, an ana, zen, widow can just camp near the spawn. if they get pressured they can just go to spawn and heal up and be back into battle in a matter of 3 seconds. especially widow on this map. nothing counters her on this map(except a mirror widow). you pressure her she will grapple to spawn and come back after 3 seconds. in 3 seconds there is barely any character that gets their mobility off cooldown to pressure the widow again. just add 1 more turn/bend from the spawn.

if you look at other 2cp maps, you pressure someone back into spawn thats a good thing. it buys you a 5+ second window. but lunar colony, the spawn is right there. max window is about 3 seconds unless you literally guard the spawn in which case you will just be feeding…


They are already changing a bunch of stuff on this map. There was some very early ideas of what they are doing with it leaked a few weeks back, but nothing was set in stone yet.

Well it is getting reworked, so jusg wait and see how that turns out

Yeah, it’s just absolutely terrible. They are reworking it currently but there’s no announced ETA for when the changes arrive.

Horizon embodies everything wrong with 2CP.

Hope the rework is amazing.


I hate how they added something new and unique to the map (low gravity area), but put it on a route that isn’t very beneficial to take. Almost feels like a throw away idea.

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We have big changes coming to the Horizon map. The changes will most likely hit PTR close to the beginning of June. We’ve fixed the Defender spawn room issue you noted on Point B (among other things).

More details to come as we get closer.


Papa Jeff has come praise Jeff for the map fixes


Papa has blessed us with his presence. Today is a good day, rejoice my brothers and sisters!


You meant to say there are changes on the horizon right?




Oh dang, missed a trick on that one he did.

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It’s good for the smooth as silk achievement lmao

Ha, if you can bait anyone out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s easy on the free weekends :joy:

Apprectiated. Any news on Sombra fixes?

If you guys want an idea of what Jeff is talking about with the changes to Lunar Colony, check out Ele_OW’s video of the changes that accidentally got pushed to PTR back in April:

Also, I know a lot of people here hate Stylosa, but he did a pretty nice breakdown of this video after it dropped:


Thank you for the comment

i feel like i am one of the few people who enjoys the map, that said i am excited to see the new changes

alongside Sym’s rework and the 2 other social systems, right? :slight_smile: