Can we talk about this? why am I getting less SR

This was implemented at the same time as role queue went live. SR changes now take into account who left and when.


2000 hours on Zen and I haven’t hit diamond on this account, yet I’ve hit near GM on Smurfs. Yeah something is up.


ty for info mate … but do you think thats the way it should be? oh and when they left… if only hidden mmr took when into account also…

I don’t think there is a good way to handle leavers. All the possibilities have really obvious flaws.

I don’t know what you mean here.

ahh i just think the way the comp mmr should work should be relative to recent activity not “things i did while learning” weighted the same as my play in the last month…

What happened in your first few matches has far less weight, if any, compared to what happened last month.

The fact that your SR (and presumably MMR) are much more volatile after an extended period of inactivity shows that events which occurred in the distant past are considered by the system to have higher uncertainty than recent events. Uncertainty can be considered as ‘weighing’ in the context you mean. Thus stuff which happened ages ago has little effect on your ability to climb (or fall).

It doesn’t mean you can jump 500 SR in five matches or any drastic jumps like that but it does mean that if you play much better now (in comparison with the rest of the player base) then you will be able to climb. The part about "in comparison with the rest of the player base) is really important, though, given SR is a ranking system. Just because you improve doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better than a larger percentage of the player base (higher SR) because everyone else improves, too.

I’m losing like 28 Sr a game and gaining 19 right now and my stats have been higher than usual I don’t get this game.

lol completely inaccurate but pk.

Maybe higher than usual for you but still not as high as the average for players near your SR?

Also we don’t really know which stats are used in the calculation. There are people who say time on fire is a major contributor. I can see how you may obtain better overall stats and not improve your time on fire much. Just a thought. Who really knows?

In the end there’s one stat which has a much, much larger impact than any other: win rate. The most efficient way to offset your PBSR losses is to improve your win rate. +19 is always better than -28 so who cares if 19 isn’t as big as the average 24? Just play for the win. Also, improving your win rate will naturally improve your PBSR situation anyway.

SR is wild. apparently in another account im an 1800 support. This account im a 2500 support. my other account im 2900 support.

i just dont evn know what im technically supposed to be anymore. i just play whaever i feel like at this point.

I was gaining 30 just last week for playing worse lol it’s literally unexplainable


I’m assuming you only care about your erratic PBSR because you care about your SR. There’s no other reason to even think about it. But the erratic PBSR only needs to be explained if you’re worried about the wrong things. Regardless of PBSR what do you need to do to increase your SR? You need to win. Just try to win and not worry about your stats and especially don’t try to pad them.

I can’t win. It literally feels like I have to kill the entire enemy team to even win a fight. I know it’s bad luck and poor matchmaking. It’s still annoying non the less.

MMR is a single number (with an uncertainty). There is no history dependence. If you are currently gold, it doesn’t matter if you were bronze last week or bronze last year. Your current value is all that matters. As long as you are on active player, it will almost always be within half a tier of the correct value.

There are a lot of garbage theories about MMR on the forums that you should ignore. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20), especially the Summary → “Summarize matchmaking, ranking, and progression for me”, for a more correct understanding.

It sounds like you’re trying to solo team-wipe every fight. Maybe just do what your role requires.

Hidden MMR is broken. I que with my low diamond friends In a 3 stack. They’re 3100. I’m high plat. I’ve had several matches where I was the only plat and there was a masters player on the enemy team. A masters player shouldnt be in the same game as a plat. We usually draw those matches so it isnt as bad as getting rolled ig. At least I’m gaining more sr from wins than losses but its still confusing

If i do just that I lose. Unfortunately I just have to kill three people a fight the majority of the time to win games.

If I kill both supports it should make a huge difference usually doesn’t. If I kill both dps suddenly my tanks get aggressive like they should be doing when both supports die since healing is far more valuable.

that makes no sense in the slightest, why would it be a punishment to put smurfs that want to play low rank and keep them in low rank

why do i only get paid half when i only work 2.5 days a week?

Never really understood SR, i loose a lot usually 20+ and only gain a few, still i’ve been climbing again from my terrible start to the season even if i only 6 sr a match sometimes its a lot more some times its a lot less, who knows don’t worry about SR and just worry about having fun!