Can we talk about smurfing detection

I see some shills say it’s not a thing, I see other shills say it does exist.

I know some games I get 40 elims with 1-8 deaths a game (cOnsiStEnTLy), and sometimes all rounds no deaths, but it’s an old account, do I trigger the Smurf detection?

Is smurfing detection only on new accounts? Are we just referring to the account win streak factor that no longer exist?

Why do we need smurfing detection if the system works? Why give anyone a shortcut? Like why introduce risk into an already fragile system when false positives could trigger “this thing”.

If it works, why does unranked to gm take so long sometimes? Are those streamers not smurfy enough? Or maybe they are smurfy enough which is why the avg person can’t do it and thus unranked to gm is just an ego trip on the streamers to begin with.

Smurf detection - another obfuscation from the system… so many questions.

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I don’t think there is “smurfing detection,” it’s just that your stats plus winning 5-0 etc. Will boost you up faster.

That is basically what it is.
Your stats etc is your hidden mmr, if your mmr is much higher than the rank you play in eventually you either win more games or it pushed you up more quickly due too those stats even though you may have lost. You basically lose less ‘sr’ than the other teammates because you played so much better. They may get deranked while you can go up or stay in the same rank.
It also pushed people up more quickly who clearly dont belong in the rank they play at.

Over numerous occasions they said mmr is based on wins and losses… sr follows mmr… so are we talking mmr or sr?

anti smurf behavior is baked in to almost any glicko derived matchmaker

whether they have something extra on top idk i don’t remember hearing about any

but aggressively uncertain mmr on new inactive or volatile accounts amounts to the same behavior as what most might describe as “Smurf detection”