Can we talk about how incredibly bad Mei is now?

For dps I main Mei, and honestly I’m not sure why she’s even in the game at this point. The game is now splash damage, AoE, and hitscan. Mei has none of these things, is extremely slow, and has a big hitbox. Any decent Mei uses the icicle much more than the freeze gun, so you have to hit precise shots against people that do not. Soldier can land a few bullets and then shoot the ground and you’re done. Genji can land 1-2 shots and then dash, and you’re done. These are the main dps picks I’m seeing.

To play Mei they’re basically demanding that you have an unreasonably high headshot hit percentage, one that nobody is capable of achieving. Against nearly any other DPS if you miss even a single icicle you’re dead. I honestly don’t know why she’s in this game any longer, she was made for a game that went in another direction, the game she was made for no longer exists.

Get rid of her freeze gun and give me 25 extra damage per shot, 175 for headshots and 100 for body shots, and increase her reload and movement speed by 10-15 percent. She is DREADFUL right now, I rarely ever see her and for good reason.


She exists to counter Sombra. That’s all she needs to be…


As someone who should probably start calling himself a Mei main given how much I play her, I think she’s great. I frequently have a lot of success with her and making her icicles bigger in the recent patch has only helped with that :smile:


Which she doesn’t do, not any more than anyone else can do. With the changes to hitscan Sombra can kill Mei faster than ever. Again, if you miss a single icicle you’re dead. Same with Tracer, Reaper, Sojourn, etc.

Did I miss something? She has 300 HP, Cryo and wall. There is nothing sombra or tracer (apart from pulse bomb if you have used Cryo already) can do to you. For Tracer headshot+Melee is lethal. Headshot on his own is already super scary as primary can do the rest easily. Sombra can by spy checked with primary and if she hacks and virus you, you just cryo. If she goes for a teammate, wall her of so your teammate survives.


Then you’re playing against some comically bad Tracers/Sombras. Again, we all know hitscan was massively buffed, which is why it’s nearly all anyone picks. It shouldn’t be a requirement that Mei has to land precise headshots or die, what other character has this requirement? Not even Widow has this considering she’s usually at a distance. You seem to be forgetting that a headshot on a Tracer is just going to lead to a rewind, which means another is needed. So we’re up to two required headshots, and that’s on the most mobile character in the game, with a non-hit scan projectile.

It’s a total joke, and completely unreasonable to demand for a character that has been nerfed into the ground repeatedly already.

Mei was a little bit of a loser in this in that she didn’t get a damage increase in the way Winston, Moira, Rein, and Brig got. To me, she’s always been a situational pick that’s always been ‘bad’.

Her biggest lethality was always in her icicle gun rather than primary fire. Primary had its uses, but most of the game is from range and you need to land alt fires to be deadly. Along with certain teams which compliment her weaknesses. Hitscan to deal with Pharah or a tank which DPS to offset her lower DPS burst when you wall something off.

Without maps which are enclosed either wall loses a ton of value on super open maps like Busan Sanctuary.

No disrespect, but have you considered that you might be the issue?


Meis rightclick was increased in size as well was it not?

It isn’t. You can still kill stuff with primary as well. Plus if you aren’t with your team as Mei thats a you issue. She was never a flanker.

Rewind out is huge value for the price of a fairly easy to hit projectile (especially after size buffs)

No this actually means she is out of the fight until rewind is back up. Only stupid/bad Tracers engage without rewind.


I have roughly 1500 hours with Mei, I know how to use the character and can land icicles better than most Mei’s. The problem is the number of shots you need, or more accurately the TIME it takes to shoot and land the number of icicles required, before any of these much easier DPS picks can kill you.

It’s all about time to kill, and Mei’s ttk is beyond horrid compared to what’s being picked right now. The only way to compete is to maintain a headshot percentage (her bodyshots are so useless they don’t even count) that nobody can maintain. The only games Mei can be truly useful is when your team is just the better team and you can pick people off at range. But in that scenario any character will do.

Nobody is carrying with Mei these days, to say otherwise would just be nonsense. Mei needs to be babysat, so maybe you’re playing with a team or something, but I play solo and I can tell you that getting a decent team while solo queuing is an adventure.


Fat hit box dps kind of blow up in close range combat, and her beam damage output didn’t get much of a boost from a size increase.

So for the most part mid/to long range mei players are having a blast, but anyone that player her like a mini-tank will die almost immediately after getting into range.

I’m beginning to think a lot of people on this forum don’t understand the concept of TTK, and seem unwilling to admit the very clear, and drastic, advantage hitscan has over projectile. If you’d like to imply that you hit headshots with ease, against everyone, whenever you’d like…I mean, go ahead. We all know that isn’t happening though. Especially since the majority of the time you don’t even have enough time to fire the required number of icicles with Mei before you’re already dead vs what’s being picked for DPS right now.

Right, but you are also gold according to your public profile. And again, no disrespect regarding that, but it’s probably worth considering before you start saying that others are talking nonsense or questioning their understanding of things.


I think I’m actually silver on that account you’re looking at, and most of that was with Ashe. With my other account I used Mei exclusively and placed Gold 1. I think that’s pretty good actually considering most people are attaining their ranks with Solider/Genji/Sombra/Tracer.

I solo queue only and play only a couple of weeks a year, I don’t expect to climb especially since I refuse to play meta (aka purposely broken to lure in low skill players). You should also consider a different perspective. Such as, why do guys like Summit and Shroud, two guys with fps skill that dwarfs nearly everyone, struggle to reach even Plat when they play? Do they not “understand things”?

You don’t need to have a high rank to understand basic concepts of an FPS game. TTK is a basic concept. It’s a literal impossibility for Mei to fire enough icicles to kill a Soldier, for example, before he can kill the Mei. Forget the ludicrously high headshot rate you’d need to maintain, you can’t even fire enough of them. That’s the point you and others seem to be missing. If Mei had the advantage you’d be seeing her in nearly every game, but she doesn’t. And that’s why you’re seeing the other DPS picks, because they have the advantage.

OW players always gravitate towards whatever is most broken at any point in time. It’s why rank, in this game at least, means nothing to me. A gold Mei is many times better than a Platinum, or even Diamond, Soldier. And that’s true for many other picks as well. Is it more difficult to climb with Hammond, or Zarya? I mean, this is simple stuff.

OW has very easily the least accurate ranking system gaming has ever seen. Higher rank does not automatically mean better player, or anywhere close to it.

I don’t deny that that may be the case for you, but it has not been my experience. Especially considering you have a team behind you, and a wall to separate the Soldier from his team.


No, it’s the case for everyone, you’re just being dishonest. If a soldier lands all of his attacks and you land all of yours, you lose. There is no combination of attacks that Mei has that can out-damage a rocket fired into the ground followed by a couple of left click bullets. None, it can’t and doesn’t happen.

Again, OW players pick what’s easiest. Mei is nearly invisible from the game right now. Why? If playing Mei was so easy, and the “just do this” argument you’re making was actually true, why then is nobody picking Mei? Why are they picking the other DPS? You can’t get yourself to acknowledge that it’s because they hold every conceivable advantage. Just to note, I don’t need to you acknowledge this, I know it’s true regardless. It just kind of undermines your credibility to refuse to concede obvious truths. If you’re Mei and I’m Soldier, you’re dead. It’s really that simple. That’s why you see nothing but Soldiers and Mei is now a ghost.

Oh I’m not being dishonest. I guess I’m just better at the character than you. Sorry if that’s hard to come to terms with :man_shrugging:

Same can be said for Widow, who requires only one shot to kill the vast majority of heroes. Fortunately, the real world has a bit more nuance than that, as heroes have all kinds of abilities to help them deal with different situations, as well as teammates. Mei, with her ice block and wall, is no exception.


Cool. So instead of dodging the question repeatedly, how about you enlighten me as to why virtually every other DPS is being picked ahead of Mei right now. They clearly don’t have an advantage, according to you, so why then are they being picked ahead of her…in every lobby, on both teams, at every rank?

I just want to see the BS you cobble together. Go on.

I don’t care what other people are picking. I only came in here to share my own experience and offer a different perspective.

You claim that Mei is incredibly bad, and that just hasn’t been the case for me. That’s all. It’s really not worth getting so worked up about.


You “don’t care” because you know damn well people are avoiding Mei because other DPS characters have a very clear advantage over her, which undermines pretty much everything you’ve said.

The purpose of my post was to highlight the fact that Mei doesn’t currently have a place in this game, hence why nobody is picking her. OW players ALWAYS go with meta, it’s what drives every season and is responsible for virtually every players rank. It’s why I say it’s inaccurate, because rank is supposed to be about player skill not character selected. We objectively don’t have that system. It’s all about character selected. You might like playing Mei, and I like playing Mei, but you’re simply wrong trying to imply that she has plenty to work with given the current state of the game. She doesn’t, and her pick rate confirms this.