Can we stop with the Mercy spam?


I guess they realized how much it wasn’t working or going with the players.

We need a mega thread. But when the megathread is consistently being locked, it’s clearly not working.

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So there isn’t a megathread.
Thanks the others players that continue flagging it :slight_smile:

I actually think the megathread just created a ton of resentment without really providing terribly good feedback.

It’s probably for the best they aren’t using the megathread.

She is ten times more fun that old Mercy.

I don’t know what are your people taking about it.

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Wouldn’t happen if Overwatch team was still coming here and was actually listening . So I don’t blame those topics. I blame the people in charge.


Thats exactly what people want, so she isn’t overpowered. Also, she wasn’t completely a trash pick. The difference was you actually had to get better to make her work. A dead Mercy = a Mercy that will never rez.
This isn’t hard to understand.
No one wants invulnerability back.
If you need to read up and get a lesson on everything (since you seem like you need to do some reading as you seem clueless) may I suggest Titanium’s Thread?

Also, it’s not a shiny toy, its a hero we actually want to be balanced. :wink:


You don’t want her fixed, as mercy spammers collectively demonstrated over the year. You just want mass rez back. And you’ll claim anything, absolutely anything to force your point of view.

You used to claim pre-nerf Valk is bad.
You used to claim single rez is weak and useless.
You used to claim pre-nerf Valk was OP.
You used to claim post-nerf Valk is worst ultimate in game.
You used to claim that mercy is useless and unplayable post Valk nerf.
Then, when her pickrates established, you started claiming how OP she is still
And now some of you even complain how current Valk is OP as well.

And then one of you has the nerve to make videos about developers hypocrisy. Truly astounding.


I think megathreads are good for containment and helpful prevention of spam.

They’re also good to be sure the devs aren’t looking in 500 different places to find feedback and it’s all right there.

When it turns bad, it’s generally because the players it’s designed for aren’t using it. The devs still frequently had to go out of their way to find Mercy feedback, move it to the megathread, and then read the feedback.

But now instead of them doing all of that, we just have 1000 topics about Mercy’s balance being made every 24 hours. The non-mercy players on the forums suffer as well as the developers.

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Sorry but they aren’t, it’s clear to everyone the balancing team could actually manage back then. As long as the community of Mercy player’s is concerned, a revert is never off the table. This has all gone on long enough.

How is she more fun. Oh let me do what I was doing before expect I will make myself more of a target. Her ult has literally very little impact and doesn’t even feel like an ultimate. It so bland. Making a hero’s abilities better during an ultimate isn’t very thoughtful, fun or good. Torbjörn’s ult actually works because if his turret. Mercy doesn’t do much.


It’s not spam though. Multiple threads on the same character is not spam.


Heehee :> Ignorant comments like these are always pretty funny.


It’s because even though it’s usually the same Mercy mains who correspond with each other on those larger threads, every day those same Mercy mains have to make their own individual post saying, basically the same thing.

This generation of entitlement thinks that a) they can strong arm a company into making the game play the way they want and b) they can act however they want and expect positive results from it. It’s their prerogative (I guess) and for the most part it’s better to just silently flag as spam, mute the topic, and move on.

Honestly unless you share the same hive mentality and piss-poor opinion you’re just going to get flamed, trolled, and harassed by this rabid, vocal minority. Literally nothing good will come out of it. Take a page out of the Blizzard playbook and ignore them.


BTW this is a completely outdated post from FEBRUARY.

so … why did you even post this ?

Cause ya know …. it proofs NOTHING ^^


Doesn’t do much ??? what are you even talking about?

Can fly better than Phara
Can regen hp while taking damage
Can have mini charger from Orisa
Can heal up to five people by holding m1
Can be battle Mercy and take down high ground targets who are out if position
Can swift faster and reach teammates from any position just for heal them o use res.

vs old Mercy

Spam space or shift hopping someone else from your team helps you.

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How are they not? Jeff literally said a revert is off the table. I’m not sure how he could be any more clear about that.

I don’t think you understand the issue with reverts. It’s not that the balance team couldn’t do it again. It’s more along the lines that the balancing team won’t do it again.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the mercy spam is being ignored. They’re directly ignoring developer feedback and insisting they don’t know what they’re doing.

Then stop it. You guys have the power to stop the spam.

Either stop the spam or leave because you’re unhappy.

It is when they’re all extremely identical (Lots of “Revert” posts out there). There’s a difference when we’re posting about Brigitte balance (specific aspects of her kit per post) and when Mercy players are literally just saying “This rework was a failure, revert” in almost every post. Offering no constructive feedback or opportunity for discussion.

The problem isn’t the posts numbers themselves, but rather the content of all of those posts (literally thousands since the forums relaunched and over 50% of them are the exact same).

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One of y’alls videos links crap from October 2017 so both sides should brush up on the CRAP test


But it still stands doesn’t it? IF it’s “outdated” Then why hasn’t any hero been reverted? Why hasn’t Jeff reverted Mercy?

Literally, everything Jeff said is still true. Not outdated if you ask me.

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is spam. Let the ones that can’t stay afloat die, and ignore the rest. Threads like yours aren’t helpful either, FYI.


??? I don’t link any video my friend. ^^