Can we stop with the Mercy spam?

Probably because they are recent? Probably because they haven’t been spammed since this time last year? I mean, this isn’t a 1:1 comparison like you’re saying it is.

This isn’t “discrimination” but rather just a completely different situation entirely.

Saying this is discrimination is like saying you’re being discriminated against for not getting a job. You might be completely unqualified or have applied and been rejected 50 times. But no, it’s discrimination.

Doesn’t answer any of my questions, asks me to elaborate more. It was humorous to see what you will come up with but it has become a boring game quick. Better luck next time son. :grinning:

Ahahahahaha, thanks for the laughs.

Do you know where you are? It’s a discussion forum. People are here to discuss the meta and balance. Why are you surprised that the most reworked and nerfed hero in the entire game is being posted about multiple times?

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You had two questions, to which I answered with:

How does that not answer your questions?

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Yet your post about Mercy should be seen rather than the ones that actually talk about Mercy as a whole?

You are singling out certain players ie. Mercy players and telling them to be quiet and stop complaining that’s discrimination. Everyone is entitled to speak on the forums. You are targeting them and telling them to stop. So yeah that’s borderline discrimination.

If you don’t want to see them then don’t click on them that’s your choice to click on them.

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Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

This is the highest quality post I’ve ever seen written on the Overwatch forum and still no acknowledgement from the devs. People are literally writing essays on why the entire Mercy rework was a mistake and Blizzard are ignoring them. OP has to realise some people have invested so much time into Mercy so of course they’re unhappy when she keeps getting changed so drastically. Like I said, it’s a discussion board and people are allowed to “spam” posts. Except the majority of posts I have seen have not been spam, instead they’ve provided meaningful arguments to support their point.


What does that even mean? That’s the most generic pretentious statement I ever read. Elaborate more mate :grinning: Please explain what is balance and how it works. And please explain how mechanical skill should not be taken into account at all when talking about balance. :grinning:

Again, it’s not a 1:1 comparison here.

I’ve made and seen less than 10 posts within the past month talking about the Mercy spam.

Just yesterday, I’ve seen 30+ threads talking about the balance of Mercy. I went through ~25 or so and found them to all be identical or the exact same as ones previously posted.

So yes, I am singling them out. Why? Because they’re pulling that crap that doesn’t belong here.

Then it seems to be a problem isn’t it? If multiple people are coming to this forum to complain about Mercy doesn’t it mean something?

To me at work if 30+ people came to me and complained about the quality of the food I’m giving them and it’s the same concerns wouldn’t I go in and investigate it? Hell yeah I would that would be a problem! Blizzard on the other hand would continue to ignore it and keep serving the low quality food and lose customers.

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An equilibrium in individual viability means that all heroes are equally valued in a team composition, each serving their own purposes. One hero does not render the other heroes irrelevant because they are too powerful. One hero is not irrelevant because they are too weak.

A fluid meta means that there is no single team composition or meta theme (sustain, CC, mobility, etc.) that dominates the game. Each team composition has counters and checks shut them down and prevent them from becoming objectively superior to other team compositions.

Let’s take this to a current example.

You say that it isn’t okay for Mercy to be more powerful than Ana. But is it okay for Ana to be more powerful than Mercy?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, you are artificially injecting bias into the balancing process. That violates individual viability.


Not really when they’ve been given an answer and they deny the fact it’s an answer.

Seems to be a bit of a problem isn’t it? Ignoring direct responses.

If it’s already been proven by DHEC, yourself, and the rest of the people ordering, you’d consider those 30 people to not only be incorrect, but just plain crazy. Right?

It’s almost as if this is a conspiracy theory. A small number of players in relation to the community believe such a thing. Then call others to action despite the theory being disproven by everyone, even the creators of the device themselves.

Did you know that people still believe in Locness Monster? Even though, the creator of the original photo said it was fake?

Same thing applies here. Creator (Blizzard) said their creation (Mercy) was fine and what the consumers (Players) wanted was not going to happen (rework).

Well then the 60HPS to 50HPS was technically an unnecessary nerf seeing as the developers themselves said that Mercy was fine and didn’t need any changes?

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Everything is gucci (good) with this statement, all fine and and dandy in theory.

And in practice your argument falls apart because you cannot balance a character without taking the character’s complexity into account. If character A requires no mechanical skill and is just as good as character B which requires mechanical skill, the clear and definitive answer would be to always pick character A because it’s consistent. So your theory of what balance is now fall apart because character B becomes “irrelevant because they are too weak”. This is an irrefutable basic logic that you cannot escape or disagree with.

So again, we are back to square one. You clearly demonstrate you don’t understand how balance works and how balance should be done. You are basically big words, empty-talk whatever the English expression for this is. That’s why you avoid going into detail and just use these big grand theoretical phrases because anyone with a modicum of intelligence can dissect your argument and break it apart.


Man, don’t you just love how people just do nothing but agressively listen to what you’ve got to say, then attempt to twist your words, out of context, to where it makes you the bad guy?

That’s what you just did.

Let’s look at it this way:

Have you ever, in any capacity, said you weren’t going to do something at one point in time, only to do it later in your life? Have you ever said “I don’t need shoes/clothes/a phone right now” then went and got one later?

That’s exactly what happened. Your life changed, so you got shoes/clothes/a phone. Blizzard saw their game changed significantly (the meta shifted, new heroes were released, a rework happened, etc) and thus they saw it needing a change.

I mean, I’ve said this once here already. It might not be here anymore considering Blizzard and lots of the community tend to not like what I’m saying. But it’s true isn’t it?

It’s ok buddy I’ll make sure Mercy has a place in the upcoming meta just for you! Just so this post can continue to stay up and can be edited to tell the people that are complaining that Mercy is still OP and a must pick to quit complaining.

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Guess my suspicions were true after all. You’re not interested in discussion.

“Skill” does not translate to “consistency”. Junkrat doesn’t require much mechanical skill, and he’s less consistent in practice than McCree.

Consistency and burst potential are considered in balance. Junkrat has more burst potential than McCree because he is less consistent. “Skilled” vs. “unskilled” are not.

Likewise, Mercy has more consistent healing than Ana, but heals at a slower rate than her looking at their primary fires alone, not even considering Ana’s Biotic Grenade.

Tradeoffs are a given with balance. “Skill” is not a tradeoff.

See Junkrat vs. McCree.

You say that, and the post I made a few days ago discusses Mercy in detail for 75 pages.

If character A requires no mechanical skill and has the same impact as character B which requires mechanical skill - Character A will always be consistent because you remove the variable out of the equation. This is irrefutable logic you cannot escape or dance around as much as you want to.

Your Junkrat vs. Mcree is a strawman, that’s not what I’m talking about. Not to mention you are comparing projectile to hitscan which alone is a logical fallacy.

Yeah same post that wants Mass Rez on top of a frigging 100hp Burst AoE heal to living allies and Mercy herself :rofl:

Mercy has issues and people are unhappy about it.

Except that isn’t true.

See Junkrat vs. McCree.