Can we stop with the Mercy spam?

Mercy mains on these forums be false reporting people too. I get tired of seeing Mercy threads every time too.

No the reason why they changed her rez was because of the exploitable SR bug that caused a bunch of Mercy One Tricks and Mercy Mains to rank up to GM very quickly during season 4 and little into season 5, and stay there. It was because getting a huge Rez caused her Time One Fire statistic to skyrocket and made the percentage higher, completely fcking the competive ladder for every Mercy player’s statistic.

Ult economy has always been a major part of this game, and Mercy’s original ult was a why to teach players at lower ranks about ult economy and to punish poor ult economy. Since Mercy’s Rez changes, however, most people outside of Masters, GM, and T500 don’t bother with ult economy.

This is also the reason they won’t revert Mercy (something I don’t want either). They want to ensure that she can’t exploit the statistic based SR system again.

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You can’t exploit the SR statistic anymore, they fixed this long ago. Diamond is when skill-based SR gains stops.


It’s not the first honestly, this user false flagged myself because he or she thought I was doing a “personal attack”… it is a sad world that we live in as this is discussion forum made with many different type of opinion… if one can’t simply handle critical feedback then I advise them to sit down and reconsider posting on the internet.

Hahahaha no.

Only Mercy players think this was BALANCED. In fact they never played DPS/Tanks and deal against old resurrect.

Old resurrect didn’t have any single counter beside respawn camp which is already extremely hard.

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This here tells us that you are not aware of Mercy’s issues, which means we need to be more vocal about her issues to get our point across.

Have a 75 page post on Mercy’s issues:
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

I don’t think you were here from seasons 2-6, before the rework hit. In season 3, Mercy was an outright troll-pick, and she had lower pickrates than Ana in the top 3rd of MMR in seasons 4 and 5… Ana was largely considered to be garbage in season 5, so what did that make Mercy?

Once. Every post-rework version.

The fact that you don’t think we won’t have a repeat of Mercy’s last nerf cycle (pickrate drops suddenly, then gradually creeps back up to must-pick status) tells me exactly how little you know on this topic.

She’s still broken. You’ll figure that out in a few months at the longest.

Ironically, the changes we are proposing will actually balance Mercy and make her fun to play, unlike the current version in both respects.


The thing is, we won’t know if this is true or not until development resources are put on it.

Mercy’s had a lot of resources poured into her. Give other heroes some love, then go back to her.

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You say that, but I mained Pharah, Junkrat, and Reinhardt before I touched Mercy. Never had a problem with her.


yeah same

my mains are dva and mei mostly,but i flexed as mercy a lot in comp.which is why i have many hours.

but “hur dur we’re stupid mercymains and dont know anything about a hero that i used +80 hours”


We can make an educated guess.

All evidence points to Resurrect as a basic ability being broken. The first step is to take Resurrect off E.

We know that Mercy’s healing hasn’t been problematic before, and we also know that Mercy 1.x versions were close to balanced. We also know that Mercy players want another basic ability to draw upon in combat. We also know that people complained a lot of about mass-rez.

The obvious solution is to reinstate mass-rez, nerf its revival capacity, give Mercy a basic ability, and put Mercy’s healing back to where it was. This brings us closer to a balanced version of Mercy, provides more things to be tweaked for the sake of balance, satisfies people who wanted Mercy to have an E ability, and satisfies people who disliked mass-rez.

Fixing the problem head-on is going to deplete fewer resources than trying to squirm around it for nearly a year.


Thanks mate, that was kind of you to flagged my comment for going off topic, but staying on topic with another fellow user comment by simply agreeing with them. :kissing_heart:

The pass is in the pass… if it was you or not, but reading some of your comment on this thread gives me a high chance that you have a tendency to falsely flagged other users for indifferent opinions that simply does not suit your own. You even openly admitted it that you flagged every thread that’s about Mercy as a spam.

This is not the first time you made a thread post as such talking about can we stop with the _____ spam as if my memory serves me right, not to long ago you made the exact same thread but instead of talking about Mercy, it was about the eating popcorn Moria meme.

But like I said let me stay on topic before you falsey flag this comment as well :wink:

As I stated before and I will state it again

This nerf to Mercy simply DO NOT address the issue that both non-Mercy and Mercy Mains have… I think literally a large portion of the player base agrees that resurrection need to be earn-able via through healing by having it tied in her ultimate or even a resource meter.

This Mercy Spam will not end until one of those two option are done, and the spam is not just from Mercy Mains either. I don’t understand post like this to be frankly honest as everyone knows that once a hero gets buffed or even nerfed… it is normal for people to “spam” his or her opinion about the matter.


At the end of the day, people are going share about his or her opinion especially after when x hero was buffed or nerfed. I just don’t agree with the ways that you are handling situations as such. Instead of ignoring the spam threads" I guess that is what we will call it, you decide to flagged it as spam (which you have all the rights to do whatever you like) I just shared my opinion on how I just strongly disagree with how you are handling the situation. That is all mate :kissing_heart:

But anyways, wish you the best of luck here on these forums mate.


I play a lot of other hero’s aswell I have like 50 hours on hog, 40 on rat, 35 on torb, 30 on sym.

I play quite a lot of other roles and I like to flex a lot sure I have 89 hours on mercy but you gotta remember that most of that is from 1.0 which I played about 45 hours of that and then 30 hours of 1.5 and then like bout 14 for 2.0 to now.

my playtime of mercy has drastically dropped as has my enjoyment and time spent playing the game.

Its quite disheartening tbh.


Oh Jesus Gross, so you’re homophobic too huh


So now I’m homophobic for saying that there was LGBT spam? If anyone says anything negative about LGBT does that mean they’re homophobic? Really? Come on dude.

Can you show me where the LGBT spam is because there hasn’t been a thread about anything to do with the LGBT community in days, so can you like you know stop talking :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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I guess we aren’t going to have a conversation, let alone stay on topic.

I made Mercy spam before it was cool

Well Mimi where is the LGBT spam, cause I don’t like see it I guess I’m just blind :((((

There was months ago during the OWL’s “homophobic dramas” but the devs closed and deleted all of them.

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Thanks for someone having an idea of what’s happening around them.