Can we stop with the Mercy spam?

So what do you suggest ?

Do you want people to stop talking about a topic they are passionate because they are too many talking about the same subject ?
Listening to you, we should censor people when they become too numerous, which is ridiculous.

We’re on the Blizzard forums, people are free to express their opinions, as long as their keep the discussion constructive, and related to Overwatch.


GA being sufficient (which is funny bc most people complain about her mobility being team dependent in my experience here) doesn’t make free flight any less a boon

As it should be

As it should be

Not flat useless, has niche usage. You even make compilations of it, Michelle

Still good and rezzing out of position rather than in your teams protection is a death wish… As it should be
And I will just remind everyone in general of the crap test because it amuses me

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I want people to stick to one topic.

Are you refering to the megavoid which keeps opening and closing ?

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Yes, there is. Point to me in the COC where what is happening is spam. And don’t says “not constructive” because I’m sure you don’t find much of anything Mercy-related to be constructive. And that is more than likely referring to troll posts.

May you consider reading Titanium’s Thread, and then tell us that we’re not saying anything constructive. Or honestly any, even if the content is the same, the posts are more often than not written in a lot of detail LOL


Seriously, Mercy was reworked a year ago. You don’t see this kind of ridiculous complaint volume for any other hero in the game, or even all the heroes in the game combined.

As an Ex-Hog main, am I upset about what they did to him starting with “Hook 2.0”? Sure. Are a lot of current and former D.Va mains upset about her changes to HP and DM over the same timeframe? Sure. Do Widowmaker players miss the 150 damage body-shot? Sure. Do we constantly make huge threads about it and demand reverts? No, because this crap is ancient history by now.

With some exceptions, the rest of us are looking forward. Roadhog players want his hook bugs fixed. Reinhardt players want his various bugs fixed, and some way to deal with CC. Reaper players want improvements to his kit to make him more viable. My Genji main friend wants deflect to not automatically end at the same time as Dragonblade, but I don’t see him whining about how he can’t animation cancel his combo or triple jump anymore.

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But with a Soldier or McCree ult she is dead because of how slow guardian angel is now

Then who will heal your team.

Healing one person without ult now is hard to keep alive so keeping 5 people alive with 50HP/s is impossible.

Your team will die and your an easy target because they can see you coming from a mile away and it’s pretty easy to hit her.

But they would probably die because her healing now isn’t enough to keep one person alive for long.
Ressing makes you an easy target cause you a visible.

Valkyrie doesn’t even feel like an ultimate. It doesn’t bring a lot of impact as other ultimate do. D.Vas ultimate can kill 4+ people but it’s situational. Resurrect could bring back 5 people but it was situational. Every ultimate brings a big impact to the game and have to be used at the right time but Valkyrie doesn’t bring as much impact and can be used any time most of the time.

Most of the time they do though. People said Sym was bad, so they told us they were going to rework her. People said Torb needs a rework, devs said they’re on it. People said the Bastion is in desperate need of help, devs said they’re working on him too. There are countless examples, it’s just that almost everything being talked about on the forums currently has been answered before. That includes Mercy.

Then you have examples of the massive harassment devs like Geoff have received for responding. For the longest time there were threads asking to fire Geoff, saying he’s incompetent etc. Just because he stated an example of why he felt a D.VA change was a good one. That’s stressful as hell. I know I would never want to talk to forum goers again if that happened to me.

The ‘we just want a response’ is complete BS. Most of these balance threads completely throw that possibility out of the window when they dedicate a whole paragraph to insulting the Dev team.

You make a constructive, well mannered post about something they haven’t already answered 1000 times and you raise your chances of a response sevenfold. It isn’t rocket science.

They read these post. Maybe not every single one of them, but they do. They don’t have to respond.


No that’s been pointed out to me as non-existant now. They completely removed it.

I’m referring to the fact there’s ~5-10 posts on the front page at any given time saying the exact same thing.

Yeah ,I really do hope they finally start banning people that make topics specifically talking about mercy’s balance outside of the megathread ,it’s there for a reason.

Yes Phara Flying isn’t useful too? only reachable by like 10% of the hero cast.

Nice trolling, how crazy and out of your mind you have to be for saying something like this? best and unique self-regeneration in the entire game, Ana cannot heal herself unless her grenade that is tied to 8 seconds and can be negated by DM. Moira needs to deal damage or throw an orb, decisions decisions everywhere something that your character barely does. Lucio healing is so out of the league that he barely can sustain anyone.

There rest of your comment is not even worth to take it seriously


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It’s been pointed out to me that the Megathread is gone now. I don’t see it anywhere.

I do think they need to stay in one or 2 threads instead of every mercy main ever making 2-3 posts daily about it.

If it wasn’t as broken as it is now, there probably wouldn’t be as much different topics as there are now.

Again, people are free to express their opinions.
Sometimes they don’t say the exact same things, even if they finally similar things.
It’s just not possible to have only 1 Mercy thread. People who don’t care about the only thread will still post outside of it. People who don’t know it exists will post outside of it. People who want their post to be remarked will post outside of it.

What you are suggesting is more or less a megathread: 1 only thread combining every discussing about Mercy, and we all know how the story ends: beeing ignored by everyone.

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Just looked it up ,it’s been locked due to mass-flags ,and this happens every time mercy gets a balance change ,VERY suspicious if you ask me.

But back on topic ,it happens even when the megathread is up ,there are no punishments for it as far as I’m aware.

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Have you ever thought that, if this Mercy mains spam exists, is because most of us are sick of her design in the game? After Titanium post about what I believe it’s the best Mercy version that can exist, there nothing more to say. Apart from continuing to “spam” here on the forum, it’s the only way we can make ourselves heard.

Me and the others who are disgusted by this way of Mercy’s balance don’t have many ways to be heard apart of write here.


Why should Mercy threads be the only ones that need contained?


Someone has to explain to me how Titanium’s version isn’t grossly overstuffed because it’s beyond me

Strange. Is it locked right now?

It’s not pinned so I assumed it was just deleted.

It can be overstuffed, but at least is balancable, the current Mercy isn’t, in my opinion.