Can we stop pretending zenyatta is fine?


How would you even nerf zen without absolutely canning him? I can get the sentiment that if you give him to a good player he can shred literally anything which i dont think is ok. But hes not even in the top 5 offenders of this. I cant really think of anything beyond dropping discord down to 25% or something, but even the that might just be enough to make him invalid.


L2? R2??

Wait a second…



Salty. A. F.


symmetra exists, though. :man_shrugging:


Your whole post literally shuts itself down at, “He can”, that’s right, “He can potentially”, like many hero’s, including supports can, I don’t even need to tear this post apart, you did it yourself.


He can’t “1v1 literally any character in the game”.


You can literally damage boost a Pharah ultimate, use a bomb, or throw in an Ana grenade for counters to it.


I would honestly like to see you try this and yes, for this reason you lost me on this case. Sorry.


Zenyatta’s fine.



I fully agree with this part of your post, though, even if i don’t agree about Zenyatta. With Hammond’s release, there’s absolutely no reason not to Revert Mercy.


he WILL* if you aren’t aiming your balls at the sky. :zipper_mouth_face:


Too late…

20 characters


Zenyatta’s massive hitbox and immobility is assuaged by Mercy’s mobility and easy heals. Before it was Lucio that peeled for him, now it’s Mercy. He’s very balanced.


No mobility is not solved by good range OP. Widow and Hanzo are both meta right now, but they only became that way after certain buffs to each. For Widow it was her grapplehook cooldown being dropped and for Hanzo it was leap being introduced. So range isn’t how to solve a hereo’s lack of escape from being dove, surprisingly.

Personally I find Zen’s biggest weakness is his hitbox. Tracer can one clip him, McCree has easy shots compared to others heroes, It’s hard to miss him as Hanzo, etc. It’s such a large weakness to have a big hitbox as an immobile squishy that his powerful damage is balanced out.


He’s obviously never played against genji, doomfist, hanzo, pharah, tracer, McCree, soldier, reaper or mei as zenyatta.


Zen is in a great spot. Not only is he the lowest HPS healer (which discord more than makes up for) his ult isn’t even like, broken, unlike Gravdragon. Like, Widow can still one shot enemies inside of his ult, so it’s not unbeatable.

Good Zens are also high on the DPS charts because he’s very much so “Set it and Forget it”


Her TP Deployment Time is 2 seconds you and your team will be dead before you’re even able to Teleport. I have never seen anyone successfully pull it off. It isn’t useful when trying to get away from the enemy.


To be fair, you just need to shoot her face two times.


his fire rate could be a little slower maybe


If he hits you at range, he deserves that hit considering his attacks are projectiles. You basically listed things that any hero should do to be successful and are ragging on him for doing it lol.

It already has a lot of counters:

  1. Sombra’s EMP
  2. Ana’s grenade
  3. Mei’s gun/ult
  4. Zenyatta ulting and triggering them
  5. Brigitte/Reinhardt clearing them

The last 2…any hero can do! :slight_smile:

Well, yeah. Why should a hero who has to put in a lot of effort and skill to be successful NOT be rewarded for it? Sombra is high skill low reward. And clearly that doesn’t work at all.

And yes, aiming is hard to do. :slight_smile: Go to comp with him and see how successful you are.


The only nerf I want for him is his wallhack from discord being removed.

Also, Ana can anti-heal Zen ult, and burst damage could care even less about it.