Can we report a player for being bad?


A player who is playing poorly and doesn’t want to switch ?


nope. As long as they are trying


Nope. You can’t report a player for choosing a hero they like, regardless of whether they work or not.

And if you can report someone for being bad, you need to report me.


This makes no sense on lots of levels.
What if you’re not doing good on your main? Are you going to swap to someone you don’t know and do worse?
You can’t report someone for just being trash.
Not that I support one tricks.


Actually, people do it all the time. They just report it as something else. Blizz doesn’t verify – they just go about the amount and the frequency.

That’s why 4-stacks cause the most suspensions. They can file a false report against someone all together at once.


Well lets say you are the liability on your team, would you want to be reported because you are having a bad game?


That is however, false reporting and is a ban-able offense. Not saying it can’t be done logistically. But it isn’t allowed per Blizzard’s rules.


This would a little bit silly just imagine if YOU were playing poorly and reporting people for bad performance was a thing, you wouldn’t like it either.


nay i dont, they are trying there best they even at some point switch heros, when you get someone for eg on a widow, that does nothing no picks etc, lose first cp round halfway in to last, still wont swap to ANYthing else to try help team them yeah poor teamwork


No. See Scott Mercer’s post:


You can report for one-tricking yeah. It falls under sabotage of gameplay.

They’re being selfish and playing one hero no matter what and expect people to play around them.


No you cannot and Blizzard has clearly stated this before. I don’t personally support one tricks, or understand why you would do it, but you are technically creating a false report.

Edit: I’m only saying this because you aren’t allowed to report one tricks according to Blizzard. I will withhold my personal opinion on the matter unless asked.


Oh, I know, but they can do it anyway. Jeff literally said that players who one-trick / main / don’t switch / just aren’t playing well are not breaking the rules.

But false reporters just file reports anyway and add untrue statements, or maybe statements they think are true… like seeing Reaper doing nothing on their respawn timer when Reaper is actually waiting for the team to come back.


shhhhhh Let’s not encourage them to do things that are against the rules. :sweat:


Don’t care what Jeff says to be honest, because it just doesn’t make sense for one-tricking to fall under the category of “not playing well”.

Literally makes 0 sense. Only thing one-tricking falls under is gameplay sabotage.


So you’re just going to ignore the part in the description that literally says the opposite right?

i.imgur. com/H1uL9Q3.jpg