Can we remove the hidden MMR?

I’m not seeing how it’s any different than SR then. Since it’s based on win-loss it should correspond to your SR. Sounds like it’s more for helping match unranked players.

MMR is the only thing that matters. Refer to this thread on why 80% of your games are stomps and how blizzard forces 50-50

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No matter how you look at it, OW uses a shady system with a hidden rating in order to try and do something shady with the matches.

That’s all i need to know.

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OW is an objective based game. MMR has no place in it. The goal is to win, however you can make that happen, but MMR rewards HOW you win. Destroying your opponent quickly leaves you little time to build stats, while your career best stats come from a close game.

Example: Coordinated Symm TP to point with excellent teamwork to slaughter the enemy as they struggle to defend…doesn’t always work, especially outside of a 6 stack, but props when it does. However, MMR will treat this as a low stat game and assume you suck.

Whatever MMR does with that and whatever criteria it is considering in the first place are beyond me or anyone else who is not in that dev inner circle, no matter how many times they post opinions on the forums.


Yeah well put. MMR has no place in Competitive

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Mmr is also based on your performance.

Everytime u see a white +25 for example, whether its capping a point, pushing payload, using hero ability, its a +25 towards mmr.

Getting damage boosted should not go towards mmr either, but it does, so top players cranking out 15k damage pwr 10 min (seemingly impossible) do so becauasw they have a constant mercy damage boosting, so now their high damage stats set the bar for everyone and they sit at the top of the curve

Interesting. I wonder if there is a way to maximize impact while minimizing those stats.

Decoy and distract playstyles do this. For example, a pharah that takes everyone’s attention but isn’t doing much other than distract. I had a game once where I only had 3 kills by the end, and wanted to swap off, but the team told me to stay pharah as the enemy was so focused on me. It let my team roll to a win.


That’s the issue with an explicit System, you’ll have to define “good” & “bad” behavior. And not every “skill” can be captured with stats, awareness in general for example. But also passiv effects on the opponent team as you describe it.

here is an analysis about that checks for correlations between stats and SR-Gain vs Win %
Make sure you check it out, that dude put in a lot of work. Take it with a grain of salt though since nobody really knows how the system actually works.

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This is exacly why mmr should be removed.

Blizzard some time ago said there are playstyles which can not be tracked, and they used tracer flanking as an example, would cause a distraction and allow your team to make a push.

However it contradicts current mmr system, if you dont have stats to show then your mmr wont rise and matchmaker will put you where it thinks you belong (lower)

and what happened was that the flawed mmr system likely determined you did not cause enough damage or elims as other pharahs playing that map.

It couldve “thought” or “determined” that you got carried and like you said you were causing a big distraction.

This wouldve meant that your mmr likely didnt rise, and if you didnt lose the following game, you lost the next 2 (or something similar) to bring you back down.

While I believe MMR is bad altogether, I KNOW that hiding it is bad for my sanity. I’d love to see it gone, but I’d settlle for knowing how it works.

Am I hurting my MMR by pushing the payload?

Should I play more DPS?

Is high damage more important than staying alive?

Do i need high kdr? High elims? High heals? More medals? Fire?

Will better stats give me better teammates or force me to carry?

Should I DPS Moira for better returns?

Does flexing trash my MMR?

I have SOOOOOOO many questions.

you help mmr by pushing payload. Actually read my other post specifically about this lol

That could be true, but like other theories out there, it’s all speculation. Not trying to sound snarky, just frustrated by all the secrets behind MMR.

I wonder how much accuracy affects MMR. If you fired of shots at nothing during down time, perhaps you could drop the stat and minimized mmr gain while still maximizing SR by making hits when it actually mattered.

Rather than theory crafting about how to abuse the MMR system why not just idk get better at the game?

I dunno, I’ve just had a losing streak that’s involved managing to get leavers or toxic players on about 3-4 games in a row. If that has something to do with some hidden MMR number, probably should just find ways to abuse the system.

Is it shared across all of the roles?

MMR is separate per role. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20) for the current information.