Can we remove the endorsement system?


For breathing you are awarded with being able to live life


The OP right now


Getting experience for giving endorsements is a mistake.

It should be the other way around.


Picks healer > is always endorsed. Isn’t that a win/win?


why thank you, i needed that



I- Is this a humble brag?


“Here’s a gift for you for being a good team mate.”

“Are you calling me entitled?”



There aren’t any tangible rewards for receiving endorsements, so yeah, I don’t really care whether or not endorsements exist


Are you playing in qp or comp?

Cuz in an organized team in comp I feel everyone gets the endorsements they deserve, but in quick play it’s just random endorsements but I really don’t see much of a problem. And at least me personally i tend to endorse the players that are well…well behaved and have good team play


Every time someone gives me shot caller, I type out “Whyd you give me shot caller, people are going to think I’m a tank main with a mic” and they go 'who cares its free exp for me and free endoresment for you" and that’s the core problem with this system. Remove the xp bonus for endorsing someone


In QP I get sportsmanship endorsements for being the only healer on the team lol.


Yeah I usually get sportsmanship in qp too but I think its just random :joy:


I am saving this link, thanks


That hecckkin scarred me for life


they exist to make people act nicer, not make them feel like they accomplished something. That’s what the achievements and SR ratings are for.


It will die down eventually, don’t worry.

Similar to when these new forums were up, everyone got and received a bunch of likes, after 50+ days when people got their Trusted Level 3 there was a lot of spamming with images, videos and url’s.

Same thing with this, there will be a lot of endorsements now, but eventually it will be less common and through that I guess you can say it will be more “accurate”.


Walk it off buddy. Overwatch has worse things than that.


Or is it because they get additional exp for nothing?

Beyond it’s phychological aspect it’s functionally meaningless.


It’s not for free though? You’re getting it by a vote?

It’s reduced toxicity by a lot according to the devs.