Can we please get a sneak peek at the new Hanzo?

Ay ay ay ay ay ay hype hype HYPE

What happened to the leap? Was it scrapped?

because they’re unlikely to one-shot you.

Any news on the dash? is everything the same as last time you talked about it?

Jeff, thank you so much for keeping us updated and actually caring about our concerns. Hanzo is an amazing character and it’s nice to see that he’s getting an ability that is less based on RNG. :smiley:

Yes, sorry. The dash is still there.


I don’t agree with the speed increase of the arrow.

What make Hanzo an unique hero is the feel of the archer, that means, the travel time and the arching of the arrow. Remove it and you have a “rifle” instead of a bow.

I tried Paladins long ago, and I did categorized the game as ‘‘bad’’ mostly because the Archer I did pick, it had a Hit scan type weapon. So the Archer thing was nothing but a skin thing. And that’s what you are going towards Hanzo. Making his arrow faster and faster while reducing the arching and travel time which are the things that makes him, well Hanzo. Just give him a Widow’s Rifle instead.

Let me express how I’m totally against that. And I don’t even play Hanzo out of quick play for fun here and there. But that change can potentially makes me lose a little bit more of faith in the team.

I’d rather have him shooting tree trunks again, than have a fantasy archetype butchered.

Le me express how I’m not part of a community that think this game is CS:GO and everything must be related to mouse accuracy. Hanzo is prediction-based, as any projectile based character. If you increase the speed of his arrow he’ll be almost a hit scan. I already think his arrow are cheesy fast, no arrow fly that fast, and increasing it wont make it better.

I also don’t agree with the removal of Scatter Shot. It’s a unique skill, and CAN be deadly, but don’t seam enough to remove Hanzo from the Troll Pick category. So the hypocrisy of the “community” on the Hanzo topic is touchable. It’s a skill that can one shot pretty much like Widow’s head shot, Doom fist Punch, Rein pin… the list go on. No matter what skill you replace Scatter, it has the duty to increase Hanzo’s winrate and make him more effective on “killing enemies” so, why not just keep scatter arrow? If the community feels like the GAME IS CHEESY, than this game is not for them. If you try to please the Overwatch fans, as well as SG:GO and R6 Siege and all the generic shooters audience altogether you will destroy your game. period.


Hello I am Hanzo main now.



i agree i think they can still keep scatter arrow. i would combine it with his sonic arrow. what i mean is you could have it so pressing shift toggles through sonic scatter and no arrow. that way you have to choose between either scatter or sonic


and youtubers already made a 10 minute video about this small thread
is there no end to this madness?


Incoming, two separate 10 minute videos by overwatchcentral, and ohnickel talking about this hanzo concept (it does look cool tho)

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i honestly feel like this is a terrible idea. it’s such a powerful ability as it is, and significantly reducing the cooldown with only a slight reduction to radius and duration is recipe for a very overpowered ability.


How many torbs can he jump past with the leap?


You should think about calling the ability. Dragon’s volley, or Dragon’s hail. Or in some less cheesy way tie in the name of the bow or the dragon’s with the ability.

Pretty sure the radius reduction will make it situational. It will probably make to where you’re able to see where an enemy is just to get information and then fade away which while it is useful in it’s current iteration this new one will offer different utility to balance his kit. Probably was the goal of the changes.

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The most important question.


Can we get a bit more warning when we’re being tracked by a Sonic Arrow?

We know when we’re being tracked by Widow, we can hear her voice-line. We know when we’re being tracked by Sombra, if we’re below 50% HP, or when we have a Zen Orb on us, etc. But Sonic arrows animation is INCREDIBLY easy to overlook, especially if he does on the other side of a wall.

Would it be possible to make the animation a bit more obvious? (i.e. big “pulse” for the area like when Hanzo himself shoots it, or like Sombra we get a big REVEALED warning when he can see us).


That is absolutely wonderful, Hnazo’s utility is now 10 times better, 20 second cooldown makes it a very big commitment to make, and not viable at all for reconnaissance, thank you, i look forward to testing that on the ptr.


The only problem I have with that is that it would dramatically reduce the number of picks Hanzo makes.

I swear 50% of my headshot kills come from punishing enemies peaking a corner which is enabled by sonic.
If you make players know that they are being tracked, they are never going to peak that corner. I do think that it is a little unfair that the enemy players have near zero warning of it but I honestly think it would be a massive nerf to Hanzo.


He looks like Uryuu Ishida from Bleach with that bow! :star_struck: