Can we please get a sneak peek at the new Hanzo?


I’m dying to see what you got cooking up. Also any WOW classic info that slips out would be much appreciated too!


I am fairly confident they want to release him before the Anniversary event. Though I also fear they won’t finish it in time. Since they said they only started working on animations after brigettes release.


ooh so middle of April.

(Jeff Kaplan) #4

We’ve done a lot of playtesting of his new rapid shot ability (that’s the working name). We’re happy with that, the sonic arrow changes and the increase in speed of his arrows. It’s all feeling pretty good.

Before it goes to our VFX and animation team, we do concept art. Here is one version of what it might look like by Ben Zhang (DISCLAIMER: this is just concept art – when we get into implementation things can and will change).

Super excited for Hanzo changes

jeff, I’m at work (on a military computer!) and this image is blocked. Any chance this could get tweeted out? I’m sure twitter would like to see it, too!


Looks awesome Jeff! The charged-up bow looks amazing and I think will fit the ability very well (plus give people a great indicator ‘rapid shot’ is being deployed!)

Keep up the great work! :smiley:




I think the concept art makes the ability a little too obvious for opponents, but it also looks really cool! I can’t wait to play the new Hanzo!

(Jeff Kaplan) #9

That’s intentional. You need to know when Hanzo is in that “mode”


I guess this actually gives more meaning to the name
“Storm Bow”


That looks amazing! I can’t wait!


That looks sick


Also, what Sonic Arrow changes?


Good work.
But why is everything taking you (Blizzard team) So long?
Your still the best Jeff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: How can we be sure that this 2 abilities not overpowered?


Thanks Jeff


I was just thinking in comparison to Scatter Arrow, it seems like a bit much. But I haven’t played with Rapid Shot, which might be even better then Scatter Arrow.


True that. Hopefully the effects that are in the concept art mostly translate in game, giving it a more electric kind of feel.


Scatter Arrow was an almost inescapable one shot ability. Barely any counterplay. And it did enormous burst damage.
The new ability is more easily escapable, WHILE being more dangerous is all shots actually hit.


Does he have a voiceline, too?


Be sure that he will get one.