Can We Not Change Symmetra's Primary Fire?

Which does not happen often enough to matter.

Gotcha. Because your originals statement made it sound as if you were saying her orbs were good AGAINST flankers.

Now that you have clarified I will now state the following. Banking on a slow projectile CONSISTENTLY hitting things is a no go. Any other dps can make a flankers job easier more consistently then sym can.

BTW there is a significant difference between a pistol that needs to be cauked and fired and a machine gun that is at the ready. So my analogy still stands.

Great, then stop replying to my posts. Move along to another discussion.

Again, from personal experience, this happens much more often than people believe. I honestly don’t know if that is some kind of psychological trick in the brain or what, but people in ladder very often ignore the orb. It’s like the thing appear so non-threatening that they don’t feel the need to avoid it and just facetank it.

The orb kill more people than it should, and I have no idea why. But it works on all choke points. Consistently.

You Keep making these statements as if I am stating it NEVER happens. I am not saying that at all of course. I am stating that ANY other weapon would do the job better then that. You never acknowledge that point but try to side step that fact by stating stuff along the lines of “but it can work” and “it does happen”.

It does not happen enough to matter is referring to it does not happen in such a consistent way that it can rival ANY other option you have hero wise.

No? I don’t have to? I want to find some actual reasoning here? lol. This isn’t a discussion. You keep repeating the same stale lines that just walks everyone in circles. You only care about devs changing Sym. When others, who are trying to let you know the rework is not that bad of a thing, are caring for the state of Overwatch as a whole. I am not saying one is right and one is wrong. But you are certainly more concerned about the former, and not the latter. And caring about the game as a whole gives you a fuller and better perspective. And that is the problem.

And again, she’s not meant to engage with enemies. So it makes sense that she has no escape, no sustain, no tankiness, no protection, etc. Instead when people get too close she has exceedingly high damage with zero mechanical requirements to use it. Though she does have one thing you conveniently didn’t mention: A tiny hitbox.

And seriously - “and still havent beat her in 2s you better be dead”? Do you realize how quick 2 seconds is, especially when it includes a barrier that you throw in front of you that can block damage from most heroes for at least a solid second of the engagement.

The fact of the matter is that her gun has stupid levels of range and detach mechanics for what she is. The tether range needs to be nuked from 7-9.5m to like 5-7m and the detach tolerance needs to go from 0.5s to 0.1s, or even be removed entirely, then her damage needs to possibly be increased to compensate. She should be extremely lethal from close range, but no hero in the game should be able to attach on to a hero from such long range with such a forgiving skill-less move and do what she can.

And I’m disagreeing on the fact that the orb pierce through enemies and barriers, and that allow it to perform the job better in certain situations. Namely, in heavy choke points, where its much more probable the enemy have an anchor tank (Rein or Orisa), and is possibly gathered together behind said shield.

And I’m adding my experience on the argument, saying that I regularly get one pick or two before the shield battle phase ends. And I agree that it should not happens when you see how slow the orb is. But it happens. All the time. Not “sometimes”. Not “once in a blue moon”. Often. Almost once per fight when it involves a shield war.

Then tell me why Junkrat is the preferred pick at all levels of play when it comes to choke points? Is it perhaps because he actually can get more then

Almost once per fight is an average below 1.00 . Meaning that you are not even averaging a 1.00 ratio on how many people you get with it. Which furthers my point that ANY other ability and/or weapon is better at dealing enemies in a choke then that of a slow orb.

Most hero’s average far more touches per fight which gives them more value.

There is a reason people are not thrilled when a team mate chooses her. There is a reason why she is the only hero that has a 0% pickrate at owl. There is a reason most people do not think of her as a solution to ANY problems the enemy present.

it is because she is weak in comparison to any other hero in the game. It is because she has the lowest amount of synergy with any combination of hero’s in the game.

It does not matter if you as a singular person has a different experience with her because that makes you an outlier and not the standard.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish she could work as she does now. But as the past 2 years have shown she just doesn’t.

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RIP Tire, mostly. Before he got a buff on RIP Tire speed (and made it viable), he was as “terrible” as Symmetra in the community’s eyes.


But without piercing, you can only get a pick once the shield is down. And no team win all shield wars. So the natural average of a first pick for everyone else is also below 1.

What I’m saying is that if we have a Reinhardt, and the enemy have a Reinhardt, its absurdly common that I get first pick on orb spam alone, before any of the shields break.

Because people expect Symmetra players to put a Teleporter facing a bottomless pit. That, and the players that give up on winning and pick a “throw” hero to signal that they gave up. Among those hero list is Symmetra (and Torb, Widow, Hanzo, Mei, Bastion…).

Because Symmetra main counter is coordination. The cooldown on her turrets are too long, and at the pro player rhythm, its not uncommon they get 2 full team fights going in the time it takes her to recharge a full turret stack. So, they would simply do a dry push to clear her turrets, then attack before she can set them up again.

I understand that, and I honestly don’t care if she never see time at pro matches. Ladder is where I play, and in ladder we have players that hit top 500 playing mostly Symmetra, which means to me that she is viable all the way to the top ranks of ladder.

Which is actually why I don’t mind sharing my experience with other people. I’m always open to questions, and I don’t mind answering them. I’m not an exceptional top 500 player. I’m a 35yo with no FPS background, terrible reflexes that have a lot of fun with Symmetra, and I’ve been climbing since they fixed the issue that Shield Gen wasn’t being accounted for PBSR. If I can make Symmetra works, more people also can. As long as they make Symmetra work on her strengths, not by trying to fit her as a discount Reaper or discount Junkrat.

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Yeah, my advocated proposal was just locking it at the 2 second charge for speed. It still is really good spam at that rate, at least everyone agreed both changes at the same time was op. I think the biggest critique of this option was just spamming the level 2 was going to happen since it would be the best of both.

For someone that seems to be intent on dismissing another person’s points because they’re biased - you sure do seem to be pretty biased yourself.


But she needs Zaryas primary fire. Making new things is hard. That’s why Mercy’s new ult is a watered down transcendence and damage amp, and it’s the best, most fun, ult in the game. They even stated it’s a succsess for the first 6 months.

Just reuse instead of creating. Nothing can go wrong there. Then when its nerfed it’s a dull clunky mess.

Biased from looking, caring about and considering the state of Overwatch as a whole? Yeah that’s a terrible bias, to look at the game fully and objectively. It’s totally like just being biased and concerned about ONE hero. Good one. I’m dismissing points that are not based around any facts and only consider the state of Sym alone, and not the state of the game as a whole, the game’s future, and how she will fit now and in the future.

Junkrat was considered no skill and trash teir, but you honestly can’t think that he was on the same level of hatred as a hero that could troll the entire team and face her ult off a cliff. I’d like you to take a poll of that actually. I’m curious towards the results. At least he had decently consistent damage that could bust Shields.

Sure, some people can make Sym work, but it’s not enough people making her work. Devs clearly don’t think Sym has many strengths. She has some, like denying an area, but no where near as many strengths that she deserves to have. She should be and deserves to be stronger. And in no way does any of the proposed changes make Sym anything like a discount Junkrat or discount Reaper.

How is any of what’s being discussed here not based around any facts and only consider the state of Sym alone, and not the state of the game as a whole, the game’s future, and how she will fit now and in the future?

Just saying that people are biased because they don’t want Symmetra entirely revised and/or removed from the game isn’t really a salient point; nor is it an effective way to dismiss what others are saying.

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They shouldn’t balance around whether or not Some people troll with characters, otherwise Mei’s ice wall would’ve been removed long ago.

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Most of the people advocating for only the gun to stay the same, or change everything but instead tweak it over time, or just tweak some parts of he kit and not the whole thing, are all (in my mind) not fully considering the game and taking into account her place now, and her place in the future. As well as having a mental block because deep down they really don’t want Sym to change (as I said I sympathize to those who love her kit now and it’s okay to not want it to change because it’s understandable but does not mean it is healthy) but it’s not okay to be not open to a rework, because you personally don’t like it, which is the current state of things.

If sample gameplay comes out, and then you find issues, then fine because you have something to base it on. But now people only base their thoughts on their personal feelings towards the hero and her kit. That is an incorrect way to think about this game, because there are more moving parts than just how a heros kit functions and how you may think the kit should function.

They are in no way reworking her just because some people troll with her. It’s laughable if you believe this. That is the last reason she is getting a rework. The first and most important is to make her much more viable in many different and new situations on both sides of the map. And to make her far more important and launch her to the spot the truly deserves. Regardless of how a very very small minority of players found success with her current kit, it is clear that devs think it is far too small of a minority, and far too little players finding success to justify keeping any part of her kit as it stands now.

this is a troll post because junkrat is not auto aim

her primary needs to go. it has too much range, isnt broken by LoS, and ramps up in damage done way too fast. not to mention it does too much damage for her role.

It’s like you can’t keep track of what you’ve said in your previous posts or something.

I’m not going to engage with anymore double-talk.

Here’s where I stand: Symmetra should be iterated upon, not completely revised to the extent where she has an entirely new kit.


Please I’d love for you to find and enlighten me on my contradictions. I’ll admit, apologize, and clarify if I have.

Here is where I stand: The devs (who care more and know best), and a majority of the player base, disagree with you on the basis that she is amgonst the lowest pick rate, and absolutely has the least amount of utility of all heroes in this game. There is much more evidence on this side and a long history of Sym failures. As opposed to your side who has the smallest number of players seeing the smallest amount of return and success as opposed to any other hero. With only the basis of ‘well I found her kit to work for me, it can work for others. Plus her kit is very unique’. It is not enough and she deserves more.

Anyways, Westworld finally got put up. I’ll talk to you later.