Can we just Stop this

Be the change you wish to see.


Catch me not trashin Mercy players on the daily, fam. B) They don’t deserve this crap


Well I’m trying to tell people to help Mercy players get the changes they want so that she feels fun and balanced (reference to Titanium’s post) but people continue saying she is both fun and viable when they have under 2 hrs on her. And most of them ar3e in quick play. As it currently stands she is both terrible (under 50% win rate) and unfun for the Mercy player (and for the tank players on her team)


I stand by my original ideology on increasing Mercy fun.

Keep her as is…but give her a barrel roll during guardian angel. Either for just increased evasion or maybe its drops some healing fairy dust over allies.


Is… isn’t that the point of the thread? To try and get across that maybe we shouldn’t be trying to just insult one another?


I think they could with another rework, the one in Titanium’s thread. I mean pacify won’t be fun for DPS players, but it increases Mercy’s skill floor and ceiling. EeveeA said the rework is fine so I mean, if we boost it up a little so blizzard sees it maybe mercy will finally be in a good place

Eyyy lazypeon is here


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Oh I’m not about another rework…no no…way too tumultuous…especially because balance is so great right now. just give her some flair.

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This wasnt as much as a problem back when rez was tied to ult. At least back than youd only use it to counter ults not normal gameplay (seeing as a lot ultimates made killing far easier it should make sense to undo that for a zero sum kind of thing) sure mass rez had problems but all it lacked was actual counterplay. But my point isnt to bring back mass rez, it s simply to tie rez to the ult. The problem with cd rez is it interferes with normal gameplay (by this i mean sans ult) because you get a free charge every 30 seconds.


You were so very close to correcting yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot to put /sarcasm at the end XDD

Never would, playing healer has never been as much fun with this diversity.

I’m a horde player myself (BE mage/priest), but I just love the story of Jaina overall, sorry <_<

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I honestly cannot fault you. More interesting than the Lich Quee- I mean Sylvanas Meneth- I mean the warchief.

I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t hate anyone. I am a dps player, I play mercy when needed. Right now though Zen, Ana and Moira just bring more utility to the team. I’m good enough at Ana and Moira to not have to Mercy in any scenario, except the one where my dps is awful and I need to boost them.

I disagree with this notion. When has Blizzard ever implemented a community suggestion? They’re not going to implement a version of Mercy that is fun and is grossly OP. We take into consideration, too seriously, the suggestions of others on this forum. As if a person making the suggestion has a direct line of communication to blizzard and the idea would be implemented immediately on the PTR. It doesn’t matter what’s suggested, wether or not it’s reasonable because Blizzard most likely isn’t going to implement it. I learned that after writing several novel sized posts about Dva… and now, despite my efforts, the hero doesn’t really resemble anything that I enjoy playing anymore. But no one cares about how I feel or my feedback. At least Dva is still viable and can be fun to play.

Mercy as she is, is supremely boring. Her whole kit is balanced around a 30 second cooldown ability which brings her - a highly mobile character to a grinding halt so that she can be easily shot in the head. Other than ressurecting, Mercy’s only role is to follow people around with her stick. I refuse to play such an uninteresting character, and I don’t believe she bears any resemblance to a hero.

I think that Mercy can be balanced and fun to play. I think res could be baked into valk to make valk not totally uninspired and boring. How will Blizzard do it? I don’t know, I’m not paid to do their job for them. Let them figure it out.


she wanted to kill herself, why didn’t she do it istg. We could’ve gotten Lor’themar or another Night elf burn teldrassil instead, I dunno I want some diversity. Sylvanas is just being a biitch 24/7, its just boring already

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As soon as anyone makes a post about Mercy, or even slightly related to mercy, all yall take offense to it like it’s a personal attack. Then when we come onto pro-mercy threads, we’re silenced and told that since we don’t play her, we can’t make opinions about her.

It goes both ways. My most recent topic I made was about the gatekeeping Mercy seems to do. You and other Mercys have come on that topic and turned it into a Mercy balance / hate sprinkles discussion. Neither of which were on topic or productive.

They’re still on the post right now doing atleast 1 of those things.

Any post that has “Mercy” in it or is related to mercy in any way (directly or not), gets flooded by Mercy mains.

This is why anyone would be a jerk or rude to Mercy mains. They have the stigma of the Vermentide or the End Times. By sigmar we can’t let this happen.

Also, language.


IF we are gonna lock res behind an ult why don’t we just make the ult resurrect? /shrug

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Gatekeeping right here.

Non productive.

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The issue is they only find her fun if broken. And the rest don’t want her broken. She is fun and balanced currently.