Can we just revert Mercy already?


Valkyire went from making Mercy fast paced and fun to a team spectator camera.

Rez went from a powerful ability to a still op ability that also stuns yourself

Now they’re nerfing her base healing

I don’t understand. Why is it so hard to understand that most people just want her reverted. She’s still going to be overpowered after this. It’s not going to fix anything. She’s just going to feel even more slow and boring than she already is. Make her fun again. Make her FEEL more powerful. Mercy is too strong right now but playing her is so boring.

At least when she was f-tier with no invulnerability mass Rez she still felt strong. Restore Mercy’s skill and make her enjoyable for the vast majority of us.

Revert her please. Add a los check or more charge on her ult or something. I don’t care. She’ll be way less powerful but I honestly don’t care at this point.



This thread is going to be locked and Teslyvarr will reply with “thanks for your feedback but please post it all here” and link the support changes thread, sorry.



Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback, however we’re going to go ahead and lock this up now. If you have any feedback regarding Mercy (or any of the other changes), we recommend submitting the feedback in this thread.