Can we just remove discord and move on in life

Hey congrats you nerfed zen in some different areas. The hero is still braindead busted because discord is braindead busted.

Unsurprisingly discord + 20% healing reduction is the most monotonous and god awful experience to play against as tank. The nerfs didn’t change that.

Let’s just move on in life, remove the ability, give him something else you can actually BALANCE without the hero instantly being garbage when the ability sucks or blatantly overpowered when the ability is good.

There isn’t anything remotely engaging about playing against discord. I don’t know how it takes a genius to figure out that tanks being forced to spend half a game sitting around a corner instead of idk… doing their job as tank because they physically can’t, is god awful game design.

Pack it up…

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Just… duck behind a car or a light pole or a wall for literally 2 seconds. Then you can’t even have Discord put back on you for a while.

2 seconds =/= half the game.

Play Winston.

Jump the Zen. He can’t get away, he can’t outheal you, he can only die.


I’m sorry I don’t play in cheeto dust 7 where people just go winston, dive a zen, and the zen proceeds to have zero teammates look at the winston.

Winston gets absolutely DEMOLISHED by zen lmfao

It is when you have to repeatedly do it.

There is no justifying:

“Ok im ready to tank, ok I got discord put on me let me wait 2 seconds, ok I have 7 seconds to play the game, ok 7 seconds are up, ok I got discord put on me let me wait 2 seconds, ok I have 7 seconds to play the game, ok 7 seconds are up, ok I got discord put on me let me wait 2 seconds, ok I have 7 seconds to play the game, ok 7 seconds are up discord is back on me.”

It’s garbage.


When the rest of his teammates are there protecting him? No thanks.


I think you need to move on in life OP, just saying. There are so many abilities in Overwatch that Blizzard refuses to nerf/delete. Such as Ana’s grenade, Bap’s invulnerability, Sombra’s infinite invisibility, etc… You gotta just roll with the punches.

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On what planet? lmao

If the rest of your team isn’t helping you get the Zen, how is that Zen’s fault for just existing? He can’t run away, he can’t heal himself, all he can do is pray he gets help while pinging you for minimal damage while you zap his face off. He can’t break your shield in time before he dies, and he can’t fight you under your shield either.

EVERYBODY has to repeatedly get behind cover. Even if you aren’t discorded you should still be ducking in and out of cover. You should have been doing that before s9 anyway.

If that’s the case, why would you go alone? And if the rest of your team isn’t helping you get the Zen, how is that ZEN’s fault? He has a giant head. Tell your dps to take it off.

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Play against good players and you’ll see very quickly.

idk maybe the game should be balanced around the fact that communication hardly exists???

It’s easier to peel for a support when you physically see the giant tank flying at your team, then it is to coordinate a dive on a singular target.

It’s zen fault because the hero is busted and REQUIRES multiple people to be able to counter ONE. Do you see the problem now?

Yeah you just don’t play the game I guess.

You don’t need to be constantly ducking out of cover. Especially when you’re meant to be the tank in the game but one hero exists who put a debuff on you that makes you feel like you’re playing a squishy hero.

Or we could remove the hitscan/sniper favoritism and bring tanks back to their intended power level and numbers on a team.


LOLOL I literally can’t. This is so funny to me. Stealing.

You’d have to make damage so bad that 25% dmg boost doesn’t matter, or make tanks so tanky that even 25% dmg boost doesn’t matter, for discord to not be a problem.

The damage role had better numbers before OW2 and Discord was never an issue when teams had more than 1 tank defensive tool lmao

What you are claiming is just fearmongering.

Oh well yea if you’re talking about adding back the entire other tank that was removed sure.

I was speaking from 5v5 because at this point they aren’t changing this garbage back.

But you do play in Mountain Dew 4 where I guess your team doesn’t know to dive the problem or help to get rid of it.

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YEah and apparently they don’t know how to ping, communicate, type ‘hey we need to take care of the zen’ in team chat or anything like that.

If I’m cheeto dust 7, this guy is toilet brush 5. Except a toilet brush serves a purpose.

Meanwhile, where I actually play, the second I come into view on Zen I’ve got Winston/Genji/Tracer up my butt while Kiriko throws kunais at me from across the map and maybe, just maybe I can take out the enemy Zen before I die lol.

No it’s almost like coordination isn’t going to be in every game. It’s almost like you shouldn’t balance the game around coordination when it doesn’t exist 75% of the time. Unfortunately I can’t do much when I pick doom and my 2 dps see me pick doom, and proceed to go hitscan heroes.

Diving someone is harder than peeling for someone. You people don’t seem to get that. It’s easier for zen to get help from one person diving him, than it is for me to coordinate a dive with my teammates.

Oh trust me I do all of that. I cannot physically control my team refusing to play dive heroes lmfao. Hence why you don’t balance things around coordination that doesn’t exist.

Stop with this complete nonsensical logic. “Just hide” is as a tank not an option. You will never be able to push or play half of the cast just because.

Discord, anti and sleep need to be reworked for tanks or removed in general.

Instead of increased damage vulnerability, maybe Discord Orb could apply a “gravity” debuff instead.

This could cause Zen’s basic attacks to “soft” home-in on the target, dealing less damage if they would have normally missed.

Then rework Harmony Orb to heal in an AoE around the target for all damage that Zen deals.

Otherwise, what about Discord applying hinderance to the target. Would help against Flyers!

Clearly you do play in cheeto dust.

Winston can quite easily shield dance and destroy Zen. But if even THAT is too hard for you, what is stopping you coordinating a dive with your team? Get a couple flankers to make his life a misery along with you diving and he will be forced to switch.

Don’t blame another hero for your own laziness to do anything about them besides whine and whine a little more.

It’s funny because Ana’s nade is the reason why so many other busted abilities exist. Need clease and immortality to counter nade because it’s that strong. I don’t get their 0 or 100 mentality. Anti could be a 25-50% reduction, but nah let’s just make it 100% while also reducing all healing in the game by 20%. They should just be open and honest and say they want everyone to be DPS and get rid of roles in general.

So again, explain how that’s ZEN’s fault.

Who said HIDE?

I said duck behind a car for 2 seconds. Then you have a whole window where you can’t be Discorded. A window long enough to kill the Zen.

If Zen is taking damage/has people on him, the last thing on his mind is Discording the tank, he’s busy trying to survive.

I wouldn’t care if it’s reworked to have less of an effect on tanks, I’ve already thought nade and the dps passive should be halved on tanks for a very long time. But removing Discord entirely would kill Zen, a hero who already has the lowest effective healing in the game and is dependent on his own ability to do damage in order to prevent teammate deaths and his own.

Also, again:

It’s like people forget Winston just got some big buffs and is one of the best tanks in the game right now. Zen cannot break Winston’s shield before he dies if Winston is hitting him.