Can we just remove backfill if a game has <20s left?

Cannot count the number of back-to-back backfill games I’ve had where I load into a Defeat screen. How is this a fun experience for anyone? Especially now with role queue. I’m waiting 5-6 minutes for a game, and then it ends immediately with a loss, and now I’m back in queue again. Just kill the game so people can play again with a fair shot.

Or let me load with ult to make up for the handicap. It’s so bad.


This is something that the development team is working to improve.

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Yeah that’s what Jeff replied to my complaints with^

It’s still a vague answer but at least they know of the problem. Id say even just disabling backfill once overtime hits is enough

This is not exactly an effective solution. Lets say you are defense on an escort match and do a really good hold in the first section of the map, but as the final teamfight approaches, you lose a player due to something like a disconnect and overtime now triggers. Now because overtime is happening, you are stuck in a 5 versus 6 unless your team can somehow win a teamfight (possible but extremely difficult).

I think the game needs to track if the objective in any game mode is being actively contested during the final 15 seconds of the game or during overtime. If it is, suspend backfill, but once the objective is not contested and the game is continuing, then find a player to fill the missing slot ASAP.

The solution should be giving people who leave a 10 minute cooldown from queuing again.

They leave, and only get a punishment after leaving tons of games (that punishment is only -75% exp which is not even a proper punishment honestly), but the poor person who queued for 10 minutes then gets a 20 second match or a defeat screen.

They should get 10 minute punishment for wasting 10 minutes of someone elses time.

This technically happens… in Competitive Play… and to some extent is not very effective against deliberate leavers. This is because players can switch accounts if they own multiple accounts.

In casual modes, a penalty applies which gives a severe deduction in XP if a player leaves too many games. However, I will agree there needs to be stronger deterrents for both casual and competitive games, but these deterrents can’t severely impede on honest players who have a simple technical issue like a disconnection.

I personally think a low-priority queue to discourage leavers in both Competitive and causal modes would prove very effective. This means if you leave a game, you have to wait several minutes in the search queue before the matchmaker even considers you for a match. This makes it impossible to dodge the penalty unlike a straight up suspension.

The solution to disconnecting is to automatically make the player profiles locked private to sabotage their overbuff padding.

Maybe they could put special code to allow any of the original people in the start of the game to be able to re-join the match in overtime

In most current cases, if a player re-queue’s after leaving, they often return to the same game. This however can be avoided if the leaver marks a teammate on their Avoid as Teammate list.