Can we get forum notifications of content-granting Twitch OWL stuffs?

Quoting WyomingMyst because he might just indulge the lot of us.

I remember finding out about OWL finals with two great sprays pretty late to the event. The sprays were Tailgate and Watching Ball. I sped to Twitch, and watched maybe 30-40 minutes before the Grant disabled.

I later noticed that for some reason I got the sprays anyway. Not exactly complaining. But I really wanted to sprays and I felt pretty bad because I thought I was out of luck.

I think if we knew of the great stuff Twitch drops off forums, we’d scurry on over to there to watch the show and get the in-game stuff. Maybe create the thread with a special icon that indicates that OWL is granting in-game stuff.

Thank you for reading my note.

OWL should die and stay dead forever.

What do you have against free in-game content by watching some TV?

All users who logged onto or Twitch regardless of watch time were granted the three rewards due to technical issues on the stream.

I try to take time to post notifications for Twitch related promotions, I kinda lacked off over the Mercy promotion (but since there was no specific streamer schedule, I really did not stress over it). I will be starting a new guide for Twitch related promotions when the 2020 season of Overwatch League begins.

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ok Salt shaker, whatever you say

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Three? If I may ask, what was the third? I see Tailgate and Watching Ball. Was the third award not a spray?

The second item was a player icon:

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Your notification is how I found out at all. I just cursed myself really bad for missing it until when I did find out.

There were threads about it, but if I had known like the day before I would have made time for it.

I mean, I know you’re a volunteer and I am not implying you’re under any obligation to do this stuff. That being so, I’ve noticed you keep track of this info really well, so yeah.

Many thanks! Well, I lucked out that I got the stuff despite being a late arrival. xD