Can we get an update to our friend's list like this?

Can we make it so I can add notes to my friends like I can do in the app, but make it available to see in the game?

I have lots of friends that I don’t remember adding and wish I could remember exactly how I met them or what they play.

Something like

"Player name"
“Met player playing competitive, they play tanks”

"Player name"
“We had fun doing custom game modes. They like to play support in qp”

Why can’t we do this? Am I the only one who wants this?


This feature already exists, but it’s a feature. For whatever reason, the Overwatch team didn’t implement all of the standard social features in the game UI, but you can set and view friend notes in the Blizzard App or in most other Blizzard games.

I know that (I mentioned it). My point is I want to see it and edit it in the game.

If I add a friend I don’t want to have to leave the game to make a note about them.

It, to me, makes it effectively worthless to only have it in the app

I would really like this.

I often have a great game with someone, add them.

See them on weeks later, and have no idea who they are, or what heroes they are good at.

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But then you won’t have to have the app

You can always alt-tab to check that way if you don’t remember who someone is, but yeah, it’s definitely a missing feature. I don’t know why Overwatch didn’t include the base social features at release, let alone why some of them still aren’t included now.

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Exactly why I’m suggesting this!

It happens to me all the time

I still have to use the app to launch the game, so yea I do have to have it

I usually close the app out of habit when the game starts (My old computer was bad and closing the app actually increased my frame-rate)

Same here.

Still waiting for clans or guilds lol

If they could allow for something like this on console, that’d be great.

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Making this change would also help console players!

That one specifically isn’t a integrated feature, although I think they mentioned they were either considering or working on one.

They do have the social groups feature in the app, but if I remember correctly, that was added after Overwatch was released. I don’t think it’s visible within most (or any?) of the games on the platform.

I recall them saying they were working on guilds, but they were trying to make it encompass all of, so they were running into issues

I don’t even know about that.

What’s sad is Starcraft has clans, but this game doesn’t.

I was hoping basic features like that were standard in Blizzard games, but apparently they are not