Can we get a real genji counter?

My accuracy is at its best when shooting someone who’s falling, so yeah that makes sense.

I won’t lie, shooting a Genji mid-jump is a pain, but it’s the Deflect that messes with my brain. I can shoot Pharahs and Lucios pretty well.

You had auto lock Sym until enough Genji mains fused together and convinced Jeff to remove it forever.

Well, you now know how to properly bait out deflect, so that’s problem 1 out of the way.

Shooting a Genji mid-jump is probably one of the worse times to aim at him, when he falls in that predictable arc is when you strike, I’ve done it many times and in fact it’s how I win most fights against him using Hanzo and Mccree.

The reason her auto-lock got removed was because her beam damage was being exponentially increased. It was part of her rework.

It now scales with Zarya’s beam at max charge, so a lock on Zarya beam would be pretty annoying.

It’s called channeling damage for a reason so you can expect the damage to be somewhat lethal at max. That wasn’t the reason why it got removed and whoever told ya that certainly not telling you the real reason.

Zarya still > Sym beam due to length and power. Sym is like an insect to that comparison.

“The primary fire of Symmetra’s Photon Projector, no longer locks on to opponents, but in exchange, it has increased range and deals more damage.”

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

This was the purpose for her rework.

Yeah you’re going to believe every word they tell ya. It’s called breadcrumbs which means they’re telling you what they want you to hear. Deceptive messaging at its best.

Remember the rework was a flop and little was done. To be honest the rework wasn’t even needed, but they wanted to do it anyway due to feedback and their way of getting sym off of support not knowing how to design her properly for support.

Seems to me you are just speculating and trying to search for a nonexistent deeper meaning.

Oh you just want to be gullible and listen to every word they say. I mean look where the game is now? How successful have they’ve been so far keeping it fresh pleasing the fans?

Well that was made for tracer and goats was a thing for a year. Do you really want another real counter or are you afraid to learn to out play?

We have no other reasoning to go by, and the word of the Developers holds more value than the words of a forum-goer. Since they are the ones in control.

pharah existing does not force junkrat to switch, thus is not a hard counter.
brig existing forced tracer to swap, and we see how broken that was.
this is just a case of git gud.

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Sleep dart can save her in such a situation with out play, zen can burst down widow and widow needs to HIT SHOTS in order to kill zen, bastion needs work.

The only real hard counter in the game was brig to tracer, and now brig has been nerfed so much that a tracer actually stands a chance to kill brig, we do not need a jumping brig that can easy lock on genji.

If you have no self awareness then you’re mostly blind follower not waking up to anything. Developers hold value to an certain extent, but doesn’t mean it’s always true. They might be in control, but anyone with common sense can find something isn’t right in their speech. Sure we play the game, but there’s truth hidden to their decisions why they made the move.

Look at their balance heroes record for an example. It’s not good at all though there’s been good constructive feedback to support healthy tweaks, but 9/10 are ignored to only favor their own personal agenda.

I am skeptical of some of their decisions and the reasoning. But… Symmetra had among the lowest pick-rate. If they genuinely wanted to get rid of the autolock just because Genji had to occasionally deal with her… like, I cannot even imagine that to be honest.

Constructive feedback has good intentions, but are not necessarily all good suggestions.

At the end of the day, none of us are game designers, so we don’t know what would truly work in-game.

Think about it a bit like when Tracer and Genji have a tough time with that counters them in general. Who gets hit with the nerf first? Their counters and then guess what happens after that? They can now counter their counter with ease. When was the last time we actually saw a real nerf to change their gameplay a bit on Tracer and Genji?

Yes yes the old * none of us are game designers * speech. Sure we have to take their word up on every decision they make. It doesn’t mean we can’t see through their smokescreen on the real matter.

Genji and Tracer have not been in need of such changes.

A hero is not changed to simply “get changed”, there needs to be logically sound reasoning. Far beyond that of daily forum whining.

The developers find them in a perfectly balanced state, notice how the majority of the DPS roster are being buffed while they are being left out, they don’t need those changes.

“Genji needs a foolproof counter that can shut im down 100% of the time”

Im sorry to break it to you but luckily the game will never be dumbed down to the point of that.

The loudest whiners on the forums were and kind of still is = Tracer and Genji if something counters their gameplay. Been that way since 2016.