Can we get a dev to talk about support?

Mate, I literally had someone dive into my recent posts and flame me for my only “negative” post being about hoping for different map designs.

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Well maybe it’s a you problem? :thinking:


That’s not what they said when I saw it. Two pros likened the Push game mode to Call of Duty. One said kinda like KOTH but the other said more like death match.

Separately I also saw one of them saying that dps impact was extremely high, much higher than tanks and supports. Which is also more akin to games like that then this one.


Just let them live in their own world. They never add anything to a discussion, just derail and rehash it with the same platitudes over and over again.

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Space wasn’t saying OW2 felt anything like actually playing CoD, he just meant the Push mode had fast respawns & you were constantly fighting (like CoD), instead of what we’re used to in OW1 with the team slowly dying & eventually regrouping to fight a minute later.

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I won’t assume to speak for anyone else, but I get why folks would use other games as a frame of reference when explaining how certain aspects of a given game feels. It’s a common lexicon that we all (mostly) understand. Personally, I play many of the games in a similar categories to OW (Paladins, Apex, COD, etc), so I understand where the comparisons are coming from.


Probably because you and the other guy? are well known fanboys who constantly defend everything blizzard does.

Oh, and you attack people who criticize the game, too.


That’s what I’m saying, apparently not allowed to be positive.

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Quick question, do you know if the build you yourself played on was the same or similar to the one we saw on OWL?

How is this not proof? I’m a “fanboy” because I’m not negative, you can’t deny it and literally be one of the people who do it.

If you consider reminding people that pretty much everything is subject to change is attacking people then sure.


He may have been talking about PUSH when he used those exact words, but he’d later keep talking about dps impact being much higher than the other 2 roles and tanking feeling bad. Which don’t sound like Overwatch to me. I think it was Super both times anyway.


Thanks Andy, but that is design and has little to do with what the game feels like to play.

What the concern is for me is how it feels to play. What has been shown and said by the Overwatch team so far looks and sounds like a fundamentally different game. A game where the only impact you can make is by providing eliminations. This is not what Overwatch feels like to play.


Meanwhile actually watching the game, while Sombra was completely broken, the other DPS was an irrelevant non factor. Both Tanks were drastically more influential then the next most influential player (probably the Ana). I get that broken Sombra outshined everything, but I genuinely want to know that if DPS are so broken why was only one of the DPS heroes able to have any impact in the game at all?


Because they obviously know that if they are bothering to criticize it.

You are spamming threads with redundant slogans over and over; it’s not productive.


I’d say that’s more in line with Sombra changes being a bit overtuned. Although, it does show the mindset they have for Damage hero changes, so we can probably expect other heroes in that role to follow suit (or end up like Bastion).

I’m gonna trust the pros that actually played it about what was most impactful, as they have far more exposure to it than the rest of us.

Edit: Especially Super.


And the reason that you are not hating on Andy for basically saying the same thing in every thread he posts in is what again?

How could it be obvious when people phrase their criticism on a subject as if it’s guaranteed to go through.

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He literally said that it’s good to keep a critical, open mind which is the polar opposite where you shut down anything critical. Why would I attack behavior that’s productive and not problematic? Sort of how you right now are derailing this thread and not allowing a conversation to conclude.

Not because his posts are blue as you think. I am not going to continue talking to you, as you are constantly trying to bait me into derailing this thread.

Listen to what AndyB said, he thinks the criticism is good.

Now that you know that you’re derailing conversations, I don’t think the forum community will tolerate your derailing for much longer.

Have your last word, I’m not continuing this conversation with you, because unlike you, I respect the OP and topic.


I am not saying I distrust them (though I expect a Tank to say Tanks are weak like what Super did and a Support to say Supports are weak etc etc because it is in the best interest of their income to say so), but only wonder why this supposed effect was completely absent in the game itself? Remember Super’s literal job depends on Tanks being as powerful as they can be and we saw what happens when you let the pros make balance choices (they buff their heroes and nerf other people’s heroes irrespective of balance).

If a role is so powerful though why did it do nothing? That is a valid question. I saw Rein in a single fight get as many kills as the non Sombra DPS did ALL GAME (far more if you take out the nano blades half of the credit for which should go to Ana). If something is powerful and it is doing nothing then the question remains as to why? Sombra being broken I get (this happens everytime they rework a hero) but why was every other DPS useless? Bastion, Reaper, Junkrat, and Genji (and I think there was 1 other but I cant remember offhand) all did nothing. Genji at least was able to blade and get a kill or 2 with nano but that was about the only time anything happened.

There are obvious balance problems though but I expected that. Zarya is certainly trash with that 10 seconds for one bubble (versus 8/10 seconds for 2 on live), Rein seems great, Mercy seemed bad, Ana seemed fine etc. But if someone is going to make a claim that the DPS role is massively improved why were both Tanks outshining the second DPS?

Edit: This question is not snark, I legitimately want to know where the disconnect is from what we are told by them the game feels like and what actually happened in the game when it was played.


True. Im fully scared that this game just becomes another generic hero shooter. What we saw was a deathmatch and not ow1.