Can we get a Brigette status update?

And here I was hoping you would release her on her favorite day of the year - Pi/pie day! Ah well, I guess I can survive waiting a week for so more if it means she’ll be released more bug-free.

My Bday is on March 20th, is there a possibility of a 20th release date? It would be a nice gift…

hey, my bd is also on 20

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Thanks for the update!

She is banned from ranked for another week anyway? Just release her so we can test her in a stable environment with many players in quickplay.


Thanks Jeff, I look forward to the release bud.

Is she getting OWL skin? Been holding 100 points :slight_smile:

You can view them on the PTR if you have access to it. :slight_smile: (Not sure if you’re on PC or console.)

Ah, well… I can wait another week for waifu 27. Granted, it will actually be two weeks since I’ll be waiting for her to unlock in competitive play, lol.

It will be this week…just wait and see. He done that before.

Yea either it’ll be 2 weeks on PTR like most hero releases, so tomorrow is a possibility (although I’m not getting my hopes up) or next week to align with the release date with Orisa from last year.

Well, he did say she probably wouldn’t be released this week, so there’s definitely room for interpretation, heh.

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She is mine ! Don’t touch her

Either that or the week after because the video with the release date isn’t on Youtube yet.

Thanks for the update. At least there is basketball to watch while we wait!

thanks Jeff, always appreciate the interactions. especially posts that keep us up-to-date.

It’s already been two weeks on ptr. Next tuesday will be the 3rd week.

I’m so tired of waiting that I can’t even look at overwatch right now. Even if my rank degrades, I’m going to play something else like Witcher 3, FInal fantasy XV or Bayonetta on the switch in the meantime.

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wow Jeff t’es sua coche avec tes instant replies

Thursday (tomorrow) would also fit the two week period, some heroes went live on a Tuesday, so normal patch day, on the PTR, but then released on the Thursday of their second week on PTR, if I recall correctly.

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